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A Hotel Goes to Peace, Not War: The Story of the Mount Washington Hotel and the International Monetary Conference at Bretton Woods

NEW! This presentation covers the 1944 International Monetary Conference at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH. In preparation for the conference, the resort, which had been closed because of the war, was quickly reopened, hastily staffed and redecorated. It also traces the "world" from the close of WWI, with Germany rendered unable to survive, giving rise to Wiemar and of course the Third Reich, WWII, and on to Bretton Woods. One of the fascinating parts of the story is that the Chief US negotiator was also a master spy for the Russians, so all the US tactics at the conference were being fed to the Russians. Much of the economic turmoil of today is related to the topics at Bretton Woods: The World Bank, The International Monetary fund, and currency stabilization. Recently the original transcripts of the Conference have been discovered. Professor Lindblade has been able to incorporate this content into his presentation. This, plus information from locals who were there (or had relatives there) make this a a vital new presentation.

Speaker Name: Carl Lindblade
Date: Wednesday May 15, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM
Sponsoring Organization: Freedom Historical Society
Location: Freedom, NH Town Hall
Contact Person: Sylvia Carney [email]
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