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Sustainability Strategies: From eating local to meal planning, strategies to make your meals more environmentally friendly

Nutrition and sustainability are inextricably linked. Healthy soils and waterways and environmentally respectful food production give rise to wholesome foods, supporting our health and nutritional well-being. Social, economic, cultural and political factors impact food production, access, and health outcomes. As a profession, nutritionists are trained to view the health role that nutrients in food play in health promotion but have not historically considered the food system used to produce these foods. As we become more aware of how food production and dietary practices impact our environment, it becomes apparent that sustainability must be integrated into nutrition practices.

Speaker Name: Joanne Burke
Date: Monday March 18, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM
Sponsoring Organization: Lee Public Library
Location: 7 Mast Road
Contact Person: Sharon Taylor [email]
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