Stories in Topic: Campus Life

  • Tailgating at a University of New Hampshire football game
    08.19.14 - New Tailgating Policy Released
  • 06.12.14 - A Home for Excellence
    New center emphasizes the student in student-athlete
    The squeak of basketball shoes, the heavy clank of weights, the—sound of silence as students dig in on term papers and study for tests?
  • 06.12.14 - Blast from the Past
    A wallet lost 30 years ago is found
    Louise Broom-Peltz '83 didn't remember losing her wallet as a UNH undergrad some 30 years ago—and she certainly wasn't expecting the phone call that came on April 21, telling her that it had been found.
  • 06.12.14 - New Briefs
    News from UNH campus
    KUDOS: Two UNH professors will be taking their talents abroad this fall as recipients of Fulbright awards, which are among the most prestigious awards a faculty member can receive. J.
  • 06.12.14 - Home Improvement
    Campus upgrades are underway
    FUTURE PERFECT: A complete renovation of iconic Hamilton Smith Hall will begin after the end of the 2014-15 academic year.
  • 06.12.14 - The Office
    Step inside the office of UNH's only puppetry instructor, Carol Fisher
    Click here for a closer look!
  • 06.11.14 - In a Class by Himself
    Charles Hood was the Class of 1880
    Eighteen-year-old Charlie Hood was in a hay field on his father's Derry, N.H., dairy farm when a stranger approached him with an unusual opportunity: a chance to earn a college degree.
  • Two women make a high five
    06.03.14 - UNH Orientation
  • 06.03.14 - A Blue T-Hall Welcomes Wildcats for Reunion June 13 to 15
    The clock at Thompson Hall is glowing blue in a tribute to Wildcats
  • A decorated mortar board that reads, "Thanks Mom & Dad."
    05.21.14 - It's All on Your Head: Decorated Mortar Boards Slideshow
  • Two women in mortar boards
    05.21.14 - Commencement Photos
  • 05.08.14 - The Other Wildcats
    Student-Athletes on UNH’s 30 Sport Club Teams Play with Heart, and Win
    Representatives of the University's thriving and diverse club sports scene gather at the wildcat sculpture. National champions. Regional gold medal-winners. Second-best player in the U.S.
  • A college student cheers at a hockey game. His face is painted with the UNH logo
    05.08.14 - Super Fan, Super Student
    Does Peter Wilkinson ’15 Believe in UNH? You Better Believe It!
    Lancaster, New Hampshire has a population of about 3,500. It’s where Peter Wilkinson ‘15 grew up, one of 86 seniors in his graduating class at the regional high school. A top student with so much school spirit an award was created in his honor, it was easy for Wilkinson to leave his mark.
  • It's What You Do With It Video Image of Fans at a Hockey Game
    04.24.14 - Behind the Scenes–It's What You Do With It
  • Live Safe logo
    04.24.14 - Mobile Safety App to Improve Campus Safety
  • CEPS students preparing for the URC
    04.24.14 - 15th Anniversary URC
  • Herbie Smith Goldwater Scholarship recipient
    04.24.14 - Taking It To The Top
    How far can UNH take you? Be inspired by these top achievers!
  • Students with Wildecat and Knarlz to Save the Wildcats
    04.17.14 - Save the Wildcats
  • NH Gentlemen's acapella cover of "Happy" by Pharrel Williams
    04.17.14 - UNH is "Happy"
  • 04.10.14 - Open Archaeology Day at UNH April 17
    April 17th, 3:00 – 5:00p.m.