Stories in Topic: Alumni

  • 08.06.14 - Out of Africa
    Alumni safari blends work and pleasure for animal sciences professor Drew Conroy ’86, ‘01G
  • Where's My Office Now
    12.19.13 - On a Roll
    Two Alums Unpack the Secrets of Van Life
    Emily King and Corey Smith pose in front of Boscha, the name they gave to the 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon where they live and work on the road.
  • Marcy Carsey Gives $20 Million to UNH
    10.10.13 - Alumna Marcy Carsey Gives $20 Million to UNH
    UNH to Launch New Graduate School for Public Policy
    Emmy-winning television producer Marcy Carsey ’66 has made a gift of $20 million to UNH to support the creation of the new Carsey School for Public Policy. This gift is the second largest in the university’s history.
  • 10.25.12 - 2012 Alumni Achievement Award Recipients
  • 07.12.12 - Animal Magnetism
    UNH alumni at the top of the horse racing world share a love of raw speed—and refined horses.
  • 03.15.12 - Entrepreneur Karen Johnson Macumber '84 Finds Opportunity in Challenges
    On starting a business without business experience: "The pro is, you're not restricted by what people have told you won't work. The con is, you can make some pretty costly mistakes while you're learning."
  • 03.08.12 - Robert A. Stern '79 and Roxanne Rorer Stern '77
    "You have to really believe in what you're doing, because that's what helps you overcome all the obstacles. You have to make a difference, and you have to find an unmet need. If you can do those things, you're going to be fine." —Robert Stern '79
  • 03.01.12 - Richard Tasker '68 and his Friends Knew it Could be Done Better
    "Surround yourself with qualified people who can get answers that you don't have. If you are considering manufacturing, do it here in the States. This country needs it, and we are proof that you can still have an American success story."
  • 02.16.12 - Museum Quality: Astrida Schaeffer '99G
    Astrida Schaeffer is a material girl.
  • 02.09.12 - The Passion of Joe Faro '91
    Joe Faro's early marketing strategy: "Me sneaking in the back door of every kitchen I could get into and dropping a box of pasta before the chef could throw me out."
  • 02.02.12 - Rick Marini '94 Wants You To Like His Company
    Rick Marini ’94
  • 02.02.12 - Meet ABC Newsman Dan Kloeffler '99
    Dan Kloeffler ’99 His years at UNH weren’t just some of the best of his life; they were some of the most pivotal.