Stories in Topic: Science

    08.08.13 - Looking for a Learning Moment
    Abby Lewis Hatfield
  • 08.08.13 - Little Green Appledore
    Engineering Interns at Shoals Marine Lab Bring Sustainability to Island
    On an island seven miles off the New Hampshire coastline in the midst of one of the soggiest summers in memory, worrying about enough water seems counter-productive.
  • 08.08.13 - Seven Hundred Feet Down, a Thousand Years Back
    UNH Scientists Drill Alaskan Ice Cores in Collaborative NSF Project
  • Minke Whale dissection
    08.08.13 - Land Blubber
    A Stinky Minke Gives Shoals Marine Laboratory Students Unique Dissection
    Talk about a whale of a learning experience.
  • ProjectSMART balloon
    07.25.13 - Heavenly Science: Student Balloons Video Earth Below, Space Above
    Flight systems Alpha and Bravo seconds after launch from the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site in Cornish, N.H. Photo by Nick Lajoie
    07.25.13 - Summer: Sun, Fun, and Science
    UNH Manchester biololgy teaching assistant Zaynav Mahmod from Jordan assists Tan Dao from Vietnam precipitate his DNA sample during UNH Manchester's Summer EXCELL Program.
  • 07.11.13 - School of Fish
    Research Takes Pre-Medical Student into International Waters
    Pre-medical student Tim Marquis
  • 07.11.13 - Science Education Gets Real at Sanborn Regional
    Graduate Alum Leads Clean Up of Powwow Pond
    Students study a watershed model from the Dept. of Environmental Services...
  • 06.13.13 - LunaCats Rocket to Third Place in NASA Competition
    Created Remote-Controlled Excavator to Mine the Moon
  • Ocean Buoy
    06.13.13 - The Yin and Yang of Coastal Carbon
    UNH Scientists Piece Together the Gulf of Maine’s Carbon Cycle Puzzle
    UNH carbon dioxide sentinel buoy off Appledore Island after January 2013 Nor'easter. Photo by Shawn Shellito, UNH-EOS.
  • Rockweed
    06.13.13 - One Potato, Two Potato, Sea Potato
    UNH Scientists Document First Expansion of ‘Sea Potato’ Seaweed Into New England
    University of New Hampshire graduate student Hannah Traggis holds Colpomenia peregrina found at Fort Stark in New Castle in April 2012. Credit: Hannah Traggis
  • 05.30.13 - Upstream Impact
    Graduate Students Inspire the Next Generation of STEM Scholars
    Students from the Biotechnology Program at Dover High School visited the UNH campus to learn about graduate level research. The visit was organized by the UNH Women in Science Group.
  • 05.23.13 - Math Lecturer Hits Prime Time
    New Proof Heralded for Breakthrough in Centuries-Old Problem
    Tom Zhang, lecturer in mathematics at the University of New Hampshire
  • Car 49, UNH Precision Racing
    05.23.13 - Precision Racing Team Prevails at International Competition
    Small Budget, Huge Effort Pay Off for UNH Seniors
  • Josh Chabot '13 and May-Win Thein
    05.16.13 - From Manchester to the Moon
    Senior leads prize-winning mechanical engineering team
    Josh Chabot '13 and his adviser, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering May-Win Thein, pose with the fruit of three years' labor: a tabletop NASA satellite simulator that will be used to analyze the dynamics of real satellites soon to be orbiting Earth.
  • IBEX
    05.09.13 - IBEX: The Little Satellite That Could
    The Interstellar Boundary Explorer Breaks New Ground in Outer Space
  • NSF Fellowship graduate student Nancy Fernades studying epigenetic in a lab at G
    05.09.13 - Graduate Students Win Prestigious Fellowships
    Year Marks Best Showing Ever in NSF Fellowship Program
    NSF Fellowship graduate student Nancy Fernades studying epigenetic in a lab at Gregg Hall.
  • 05.02.13 - Big Things Have Small Beginnings
    Students and faculty from UNH and Yeshiva University join together at Brookhaven National Laboratory to study the role of nanocatalysts in the creation of green energy.
    Chances are, you’ve never heard of novel nanocatalysts – but, in the world of green energy, they’re kind of a big deal. Equally significant is that a couple of UNH undergraduates spent last weekend experimenting with them at a national laboratory.
  • 03.28.13 - Farm to Fork to Fertilizer: New Course Takes Salad Greens Full Circle
    Emily McKeen ’14, a student in the Food Production Field Experience course, harvests greens grown by the class for the UNH Dairy Bar restaurant.
  • 01.24.13 - Linking Water with the Landscape
    How much water does a forest drink? Give Heidi Asbjornsen a tree and a heat ratio sensor and she’ll give you an answer. Heidi Asbjornsen installs heat ratio sensors in sapwood to measure water flow velocity. Photos by Michelle Day, UNH-EOS.