Stories in Topic: Science

  • 05.01.14 - State of Flux
    Scientific Towers Around Campus Will Help Determine How Land-Use Change May Impact Future Local and Regional Climate
    Lucie Lepine and Frankie Sullivan on the Moore Fields tower preparing for instrument installation. Photo by Andrew Ouimette, UNH-EOS.
  • Professor Jeffrey Sohl, Bridget Fay, Cole Jaillet, Andrew Nelligan
    04.24.14 - Solar-Powered Success
    Five Seniors Take Home Top Prize at a National Environmental Engineering Competition
    The Granite State Ventures team (L-R: Daniel Crowley, Professor Jeffrey Sohl, Bridget Fay, Cole Jaillet, Andrew Nelligan, Jeffrey Moore) and their award-winning TiltOne power point tracking system for solar panels.
  • Jake DeBow walking in the woods
    04.24.14 - In His Father’s Footsteps
    Jake DeBow Learns the Family Business in COLSA’s Living Labs
    At home in the woods: Jake DeBow has an abiding love for the Granite State with its immediate access to the natural world and abundant wildlife. Photo by Victoria Forester Courtland
  • Donate your Nitrogen sign held by students
    04.17.14 - Reduce, Reuse, Peecycle
    Student Project Diverts Nitrogen-Rich Urine From Great Bay to Farm Fields
    Business major Liz McCrary ’14 and environmental engineering students Taylor Walter ’14 and Alyson Packhem ’14 want students to donate their nitrogen-rich urine for their senior capstone project. They’re exploring ways to divert the urine from the wastewater treatment plant and use it for fertilizer.
  • Barry Goldwater Scholarship recipients
    04.17.14 - Goldwater Honors
    Three Undergraduates Receive Prestigious Goldwater Scholarships
    Barry M. Goldwater
  • students in front of equator sign
    04.10.14 - From Field to Classroom
    A New Perspective On Teaching Soil Chemistry
    Last summer, Stuart Grandy brought something unexpected back from Uganda: a new perspective on teaching soil chemistry.
  • Student learning about STEM
    03.20.14 - STEM Discovery Lab Looks to Program Expansion
  • 03.20.14 - FIRST Robotics
  • 03.06.14 - Hackers Beware
    Cyber Defense Competition Brings Region’s Brightest to UNH
    Next week, some of the world’s wiliest hackers will gather at UNH in an attempt to bring down powerful corporate networks.
  • horseshoe crab
    03.06.14 - Research Makes a Difference
    Biomedical Bleeding Affects Horseshoe Crab Behavior
    New research from Plymouth State University and the University of New Hampshire indicates that collecting and bleeding horseshoe crabs for biomedical purposes causes short-term changes in their behavior and physiology that could exacerbate the crabs’ population decline in parts of the east coast.
  • IOL Video graphic
    02.27.14 - Learn What Happens in the University’s InterOperability Lab
  • rendering of a BOT
    02.27.14 - “Bots” Build Teamwork
    Parents Association Funds STEM, Other Projects
    Spring is just around the corner for two of this year’s Parents Association awardees. The teams, UNH-ROV and ET SwarmCats, are in the throes of constructing robots in time for the Undergraduate Research Conference to be held in April. One group’s robot will explore underwater and the other is aiming for space, but in any case, it’s a tight schedule.
  • 02.20.14 - FIRST Class
    UNH Hosts Teens and Their Robots at Regional Robotics Competition
    This is the official game animation for the 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition game, Aerial Assist.
  • Photo of Moon crater
    02.20.14 - Luna Tunes
    UNH Researcher Transforms Moon Data into Sounds of Space Weather
    Artist's rendition of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter at the moon. The CRaTER telescope is seen pointing out at the bottom right center of the LRO spacecraft. Illustration by Chris Meaney/NASA
  • Andres Phinney
    02.13.14 - At the Heart of Medicine
    Andrew Phinney has a knack for interacting with and listening to people while supporting them in their journey toward better health.
  • Kaity Thomson ’14
    02.06.14 - Take a Hike
    Kaity Thomson ’14 Merged Scientific Research and Environmental Advocacy on a Week’s Trek Along the Portland-Montreal Pipeline
    The potential reversal of the Portland-Montreal oil pipeline has eluded the spotlight that shines on other tar sands oil projects like Keystone XL pipeline. Kaity Thomson ’14 aims to change that.
  • 01.23.14 - In His Own Words
    Professor of Chemical Engineering Dale Barkey
  • lobster video
    01.23.14 - The Tales a Lobster Trap Tells
    What do lobster traps tell us about the lobsters on the bottom? from Presentation Boot Camp on Vimeo.
  • Teens at the 2013 4-H Teen Conference building underwater vehicles
    01.16.14 - UNH Cooperative Extension Included in $750K National Science Foundation Award
    Teens at the 2013 4-H Teen Conference on the UNH campus building underwater remotely operated vehicles.
  • 01.16.14 - Pre-Med, With Feeling
    Senior Ben Claxton Pursues His Passion in the Lab, the Ambulance, and Africa
    Why would anyone leave Chocolatetown, U.S.A., for a state that brags about granite? For Hershey, Penn., native Ben Claxton ’14, the lure was the lab. Specifically, the opportunity for the pre-med student to get into a UNH laboratory and do research alongside faculty as an undergraduate.