Stories in Topic: Campus Life

  • Retired UNH Prof. David Olsen (center) receives Patriot Award
    11.10.14 - Former UNH Prof. David Olsen Receives Patriot Award from NHESGR
    Former UNH professor of natural resources David P. Olsen (center), with his former graduate student Lee Alexander (right) and NHESGR's John Pappas. 
  • 11.06.14 - Go Wildcats
    As we head into the “Month of Believing,” here’s some inspiration. 
  • 11.06.14 - Calling All Believers
  • 11.05.14 - Great Things Ahead on Campus: Service, Gratitude and Pride All Part of Upcoming 'Month of Believing’
  • Christopher Clement
    11.05.14 - Christopher Clement Named New Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Two students rake leaves as part of a community service project.
    11.04.14 - Great Things Ahead on Campus
    Community Service, Giving Thanks and Showing UNH Pride are all part of the Upcoming 'Month of Believing'
    Last year, more than 200 students volunteered to take part in the UNH Day of Service. (Lisa Nugent file photo)  
  • 10.29.14 - Family Weekend 2014
    Family Weekend 2014 was the largest family weekend event in UNH history. Thousands of relatives were Wildcats for a weekend. Here's a look at some of the family fun. 
  • Family Weekend 2014 at UNH was the biggest UNH Family Weekend event ever
    10.29.14 - Family Weekend 2014
  • 10.29.14 - The Fine Art of Bike Racks
    Art students are creating public sculptures with a purpose
  • 10.22.14 - The Spirit and Sport of Lumberjacking
    UNH Woodsmen Team Hosts Fall Meet on November 1
      Senior Kendall Edmondson practices her buck saw event. As teammate Trevor Beaudry says, "I don't think there's anything to really replace hitting something really hard with a really sharp axe. There's a certain amount of stress relief that goes along with destroying a piece of timber with a razor sharp instrument."  
  • 10.16.14 - UNH Welcomes New Clinical, Research and Extension Faculty
      The university welcomes 14 new clinical, research and Extension faculty to the community. College of Liberal Arts Betsy Humphreys, Research Assistant Professor, Education Michael Leese, Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Associate, Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies MaryAnn Minard, Clinical Assistant Professor, Education Charlene Westervelt, Clinical Instructor, Education College of Life Sciences and Agriculture
  • Thompson Hall at the University of New Hampshire's Durham campus
    10.09.14 - UNH Welcomes New Lecturers
      Thirty new lecturers have taken their spots at the front of UNH classrooms. Below is a list of the new lecturers by college. College of Liberal Arts Carolyn Arcand, Political Science Brandie Bolduc, Education Sarah Batterson, History Lawrence Beemer, English and Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies Ekaterina Burvikova, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Michael Cardinali, Art & Art History Jaed Coffin, English Jonathan Couser, History Joseph Dunn, English
  • UNH ROTC cadets training with New Hampshire National Guard
    10.09.14 - Blackhawks in Boulder Field
    UNH ROTC cadets lift off
  • 10.07.14 - Blackhawks in Boulder Field
    UNH ROTC cadets lift off
    Perhaps you noticed helicopters above and around campus last Friday. They were New Hampshire National Guard Blackhawks, taking off and landing from Boulder Field with University of New Hampshire ROTC cadets who got to experience on and offloading.
  • 10.01.14 - UNH Welcomes New Faculty Members
    First year students aren’t the only ones who began their UNH careers in September. Thirty-two new faculty members have joined the staff. Below is a list of the new members by college. College of Health and Human Services Robert Barcelona, associate professor, recreation management and policy   Kiernan Gordon, assistant professor, kinesiology
  • UNH Harvest Dinner
    09.29.14 - Food, Glorious (Local) Food
    Harvest Dinner on Oct. 1 will feature high-end menu items with locally sourced ingredients
      If you skipped breakfast or lunch today, you are forewarned: this article will make your stomach rumble and your mouth water.
  • Dana Hamel
    09.25.14 - $10 Million Gift to UNH Will Support N.H. Student Scholarship
    Largest gift for scholarships in university’s history
  • University Day Picnic at UNH
    09.18.14 - University Day Picnic 2014
  • UNH Pre-orientation adventure--PAWS
    09.17.14 - An Adventure in PAWS: First-Year Students Go All-Outdoors
  • UNH Career Closet
    09.09.14 - A Closet for Career Seekers
    UNH Career Center makes dressing for an interview less expensive
    You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, but making a good impression can be expensive—especially if you’re a college student with a wardrobe that’s more jeans and t-shirts than business suits.