Stories in Topic: Campus Life

  • A college student cheers at a hockey game. His face is painted with the UNH logo
    05.08.14 - Super Fan, Super Student
    Does Peter Wilkinson ’15 Believe in UNH? You Better Believe It!
    Lancaster, New Hampshire has a population of about 3,500. It’s where Peter Wilkinson ‘15 grew up, one of 86 seniors in his graduating class at the regional high school. A top student with so much school spirit an award was created in his honor, it was easy for Wilkinson to leave his mark.
  • It's What You Do With It Video Image of Fans at a Hockey Game
    04.24.14 - Behind the Scenes–It's What You Do With It
  • Live Safe logo
    04.24.14 - Mobile Safety App to Improve Campus Safety
  • CEPS students preparing for the URC
    04.24.14 - 15th Anniversary URC
  • Herbie Smith Goldwater Scholarship recipient
    04.24.14 - Taking It To The Top
    How far can UNH take you? Be inspired by these top achievers!
  • Students with Wildecat and Knarlz to Save the Wildcats
    04.17.14 - Save the Wildcats
  • NH Gentlemen's acapella cover of "Happy" by Pharrel Williams
    04.17.14 - UNH is "Happy"
  • 04.10.14 - Open Archaeology Day at UNH April 17
    April 17th, 3:00 – 5:00p.m.
  • 04.03.14 - 2014 Granite State Award and Honorary Degree Recipients Announced
    Stella and Douglas Scamman will receive a 2014 Granite State Award from the University of New Hampshire at commencement May 17, 2014.
  • Women's Commission Award Winners
    04.03.14 - Congratulations to 2014 Women's Commission Award Recipients
    (lower, L-R) Ewan Seabrook, Jessica Fish, Kenna Smith, Sarah Daigle, (back) Being Fierce & Fabulous (Dawn Zitney and Kathleen Grace-Bishop), (Ctr) Katie Edwards
  • 03.27.14 - Tools of the Trade
    Future Journalists Telling Their Stories One Frame At a Time
    Breanna Edelstein ’14 (left) shares shots with Ericka Dupervil ’14 as they create a video for the 45-minute Film Festival in Tom Haines’s class.
  • 03.20.14 - For Congolese Native, Education is Everything
    Vinny Mwano Makes the Most of His Time at UNH
    Every student who comes to UNH has a story. Few carry with them memories of gunfire. Vinny Mwano does, faintly now because it’s been 14 years since the UNH junior left behind his homeland, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But one never completely forgets a sound like that. Or what it meant.
  • 03.20.14 - Lights, Camera, Commencement
    Speaker Is Screenwriter/Director Jennifer Lee '92 Oscar winner Best Animated Feature for "Frozen"
    The first woman to direct an animated feature film for Walt Disney Animation Studios, Academy Award®-winner Jennifer Lee, will deliver UNH's commencement address Saturday, May 17, 2014.
  • Photo of boy creating with green playdoh summer camp
    03.06.14 - Registration for UNH Summer Camps Now Open
    Camp Wildcat gives school-age day campers a chance to explore nature and the environment, participate in sports, learn new skills and crafts, make new friends, and have fun while being active this summer. Courtesy photo.
  • John P. Resch Professor of History Receives Distinguished Professor Award
    03.05.14 - American History Rocks in Manchester
    John Resch Recognized as Citizen Scholar
  • UNH Campus Aerial
    02.20.14 - Featured Video
  • 02.20.14 - Parents Association Awards 2014
    ET SwarmCats Extra-Terrestrial Navigation with Particle Swarm Optimization (ET SwarmCats) The ET SwarmCats were awarded funds for the design and construction of laboratory robots. They will design robots to harness particle swarm optimization, based on the animal habit of utilizing the advantages of traveling in swarms. The goal is to devise small robots that work in unison to achieve a common goal, yet think and act individually when necessary. Eventually, they could be used for searching operations on extraterrestrial planets and asteroids. The project is multidisciplinary.
  • 02.14.14 - Frequently Asked Questions
    about financial aid at UNH
    How do I apply for financial aid? Reminder: FAFSA is Due March 1st
  • 02.11.14 - Meredith Cline ’15
    Business Administration Andover, N.H. “One of the smallest towns in the history of the world.” -MC
  • President Mark W. Huddleston, State of the University
    02.06.14 - Five Priorities Identified by UNH President During 2014 State of the University Address