Current Activities

Restoration activities are currently focused in the upperwatershed.  We are conducting residential stormwater audits and based on these audits, we will be identifying locations for residential rain gardens.  Substantial site work has been completed at the Dover Water Works facility in preparation for the wetland and stream channel creation.  We are also currently working closely with the City of Dover to identify locations for installation of stormwater best managment practices (BMP).  The first BMP to be completed will be a gravel wetland at the head of the watershed to treat run-off from the Shop-n-Save plaza.

Upperwatershed Restoration

The Dover Water Works Site has been cleared and floodplain construction is currently underway. The restoration area as currently designed will include approximately two acres of wetland and floodplan creation.

To hold the constructed, restored Berry Brook in a stable form until woody vegetation re-grows along the riparian buffer, structures and bank protection will be used.  To the extent possible, log rather than rock structures will be installed (vanes, mud sills, weirs). Bank protection at outside meander bends will be coir or jute mattresses and fast-growing vegetation. Wetlands will be created in floodplain areas where the groundwater table is close to the ground surface, or present urban drainage flows uncontrolled into Berry Brook, or at other sites of opportunity in the floodplain. The created wetland sites will be periodically wet and have stabilized natural outlets that drain to Berry Brook.  Wetlands will be planted with native wetland vegetation, and will be monitored for invasive species.

Residential Rainbarrel Project

Through the project the City will offer a collective purchasing program for SkyJuice rain barrels.  Residents of the watershed will be able to purchase rain barrels at the discounted price of $35 (retail $125).  Rain barrels barrels are available at the Dover Public Works department on a first come first serve basis. Click on these links for more information on Rain Barrels and the Rain Barrel Project.