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Water Quality and Hydrologic Performance of a
Porous Asphalt Pavement as a Storm-W ater
Treatment Strategy in a Cold Clima te


  1. UNHSC 2014 PA Spec
  2. UNHSC 2012 Biennial Report
  3. Economic and Adaptation Benefits of Low Impact Development, Conference Proceedings, 2011 Low Impact Development Symposium, March 2012 
  4. Water Quality and Hydrologic Performance of a Porous Asphalt Pavement as a Stormwater Treatment Strategy in a Cold Climate, Journal of Environmental Engineering, January 2012
  5. Forging the Link: Linking the Economic Benefits of LID and Community Decisions
  6. UNHSC and SeaGrant Sealcoating Fact Sheet

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News & Announcements

  • UNHSC, UNH Facilities, and East Coast Excavating with a grant from NH DES complete Green Infrastructure retrofits on A-lot, a 7.6 acre commuter parking lot.

    A time lapse video of the constrution of one of the four systems installed was created and can be viewed here:

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  • The UNH Stormwater Center has just released an update to its porous asphalt specifications.  For all future porous asphalt design projects please make sure the 2/14 version of the specification is used.

    Click here for the new specification:  Feb 2014 UNHSC PA Spec Update

  • NEWINGTON, NH & DURHAM, NH—A high-impact, high-visibility rain garden has been installed in front of the Langdon Public Library in Newington, NH, by the UNH Stormwater Center (UNHSC). The library is currently undergoing a $1.79 million renovation and addition project.

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Recent Projects

Restoring Water Quality in the Willow Brook Watershed Through LID Retrofits

By Robert Roseen1, PhD, PE, D.WRE, James Houle1, CPSWQ, Robert Dowling1, Melodie Esterberg2,... More »

Forging the Link: Linking the Economic Benefits of Low Impact Development and Community Decisions

This project documents, through a series of case studies, the advantages of Low Impact... More »

2011 Road Management Plan for Brackett and Pond Roads, Wakefield, NH

The purpose of the Road Management Plan is to address the declining water quality of Lovell Lake... More »


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The UNH Stormwater Center (UNHSC) is dedicated to the protection of water resources through effective stormwater management.

Historic Dover Water Works sand filter circa 1908, site of future Berry Brook stream restoration and headwaters reconstruction.

Low Cost Bioretention Retrofit, Installed 2009 on UNH Durham Campus. This project was very inexpensive due to the extensive use of existing drainage infrastructure. It is an example of low cost retrofit opportunities.

UNHSC Field Facilty

Gravel Wetland at the Greenland Meadows commerical shopping center, Greenland, NH, taken Summer 2009

UNHSC Field Facilty