IROP Application Guide

The first step in applying to the International Research Opportunities Program (IROP) is to meet with the International Research Coordinator, Dr. Georgeann Murphy (, to learn how your ideas can develop into an IROP project with the help of a faculty mentor. Students planning to apply for an IROP grant for the summer of 2015 must meet with Dr. Murphy before preparing their application—no later than September 15, 2014.  (For sophomore applicants, no later than March 9, 2015.)  Applications submitted by students who have not met with Dr. Murphy will not be accepted.

Once you know IROP is the right program for you, identify a research topic that gets you excited, perhaps one that keeps you up at night or that your roommates are tired of hearing about. Then, identify a faculty mentor with expertise in that subject area and together discuss your ideas for a project. Consider whether your project will involve health and safety regulations and therefore require permission from the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. (Consult this checklist.)

Once you have a solid research project idea, download all four sections of the application and review what it asks you to do. Consult our advice for writing an effective proposal and allow ample time to complete all application materials. Remember that faculty mentors often are quite busy, and give them adequate time to complete and submit letters of recommendation to the IROP office.  Make sure your faculty mentor signs your final application and budget. Then, submit your completed application to Hood House 209 by the application deadline.  

Application Deadlines

October 15, 2014 for juniors who will conduct research abroad in summer 2015
April 8, 2015 for sophomores who will conduct research abroad in summer 2016

Applications must be submitted to the Hamel Center office (Hood House 209) no later than 4:30 p.m. on the deadline dates above.

Application and Preparation

When you are ready to apply, please fill out the cover sheet online, then print and attach it to your complete application. The non-narrative portions of the proposal (including the budget) may also be filled out online. Please save these forms to your computer before entering any information. You may then save and return to the forms later for completion. Please keep in mind the criteria for faculty review of IROP proposals.

Regarding the faculty recommendations, it is your responsibility to deliver these pieces to the appropriate faculty members. Faculty may fill out the hard copies or fill them in electronically (see links below). Faculty must then sign and submit the forms directly to Hood House 209, either by hand or by email to Please do check in with your faculty mentor and recommender on their progress with these forms, but note that actual submission of these forms is the faculty member's responsibility.

Application checklist (listing all the components of the IROP application)
Application cover sheet (fillable online)
Application proposal (fillable and narrative sections for students to write and faculty mentors to review)
Application budget (fillable online)
Note to IROP Mentors (detailed information about the responsibilities of the IROP mentor)
Faculty mentor recommendation (for mentor to complete and deliver by hand to Hood House 209, or email to
Faculty recommendation (for other faculty to complete and deliver by hand to Hood House 209, or email to