UNH Historic Buildings

Multimedia slideshow narrated by Doug Bencks, UNH Campus Architect

UNH Today staff recently sat down with Doug Bencks to learn significant details and history of ten of the most notable buildings on the Durham campus. Bencks' transcript and recorded narration shed light on interesting and little-known facts of UNH history. Our production team borrowed photos from myriad resources past and present, to create a slideshow that would spin Bencks' narration into an enhanced multimedia experience.

Now you can watch and listen to learn more about buildings like Thompson Hall, Dimond Library, Holloway Commons, Kingsbury Hall and more! Photo credits as indicated– many can be attributed to the efforts of UNH Photographic Services.

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UNH Alumni return to campus for reunion weekend and tour campus with University Architect Doug Bencks. Produced by UNH Video Productions.

Guy Eaton has been the keeper of the Thompson Halll clock tower for almost 35 years. Though his days of winding the clock are over, he still gives tours of this seldom seen UNH land mark. Produced by Scott Ripley, UNH Video Productions.

The late University of New Hampshire Art Professor John Hatch painted a 40 foot mural on a wall in the Kingsbury Hall library more than 50 years ago. When Kingsbury was renovated in 2006, the University went to great lengths to move his mural from the second floor to it's present location on the first floor. UNH Video Productions documented the move and restoration.