Posting Jobs and Internships

The UNH Career Center offers employers a free and effective way to advertise opportunities to students and alumni.

To post a job or internship for current students and recent graduates:

Wildcat Careers

Use this job board to:

  • Host an internship
  • Hire UNH students
  • Hire recent graduates (full-time, salaried positions)
  • Hire entry-level employees
  • View resume books
  • Request on-campus recruiting/on-campus interviewing

How to post on Wildcat Careers:

Step 1: Go to the Wildcat Careers login page, and create a new employer account if you have not already.

Step 2: We will then send you an email stating we have approved your account request. You may then update your password and access the site.

Step 3: When on your homepage's dashboard, click "Create job or internship posting" on the right under your Shortcuts menu. Complete form.


To post jobs for experienced UNH Alumni:


To post your openings for seasoned/experienced UNH alumni,
Email job information to Megan Hales at

Do this if you want to post for

  • Part-time, seasonal employees
  • Full-time or part-time “experienced” graduates


Interviewing On Campus

For help scheduling an on-campus interviews at Hood House, please contact Audra Cyr at  603-862-2070. If you already have a Wildcat Careers account, you may also "request on-campus interviews" from your Wildcat Careers homepage, under "shortcuts."  


Other Recruiting Opportunities

If you have questions regarding other on-campus recruiting opportunities, please contact Krystal Hicks, Associate Director of Employer Outreach, at 603-862-5086.