Networking - Informational Interview

Networking - Your Pitch

Networking - Using Social Media

What it is

  • Networking is asking for career information or advice from people you have some connection with

  • Networking is an important aspect of any successful job search

  • 80% of opportunities are found through word-of-mouth

  • If you put in the time and effort, a solid network can help you find information and opportunities you wouldn’t find anywhere else


Build Your Network

  • Create a LinkedIn profile and join groups like the UNH Career Center or UNH Alumni Association groups

  • Schedule meetings with faculty, friends, and family to find out who is in their network

  • Expand your professional online network through LinkedIn,  Facebook, and Twitter

  • Go to job fairs where you can get information and network with employers

  • Find mentors - connect with people interested in helping you succeed

  • Get involved in professional, social, or community activities both on and off campus

  • Help others build their networks

  • Create a top 10 list of dream employers and contact them to request an informational interview

  • Always send a thank you note


Networking Etiquette

  • First impressions are very important

  • Approach any potential contacts with courtesy and tact Most contacts will be pleased and flattered to hear from you as long as you're polite and considerate

  • Respect their boundaries – Don't badger or harass them

  • Follow through on what you promise and be honest in all of your interactions

  • Don’t ask for a job – The person you are speaking with may not have any knowledge of potential job openings, which will be awkward and shut the conversation down right away