Mock Interview Day

Thursday - April 2nd, 2015

10:30AM - 2:00PM

Strafford Room, MUB

About Mock Interview Day:

  • Students participate in a mock interview with a company for a specific job posting (postings will be below)
  • Students will treat this as a real interview, but will also receive feedback from employers
  • Students must pre-register for this event. (Walk-ins will not have an interview slot reserved.)
  • Students should prepare. Research the company and job description as if you are applying to this position for real. Tips on interviewing.
  • Students should dress professionally.
    Review What to Wear: Women or What to Wear: Men

To Participate:

How to view positions & register for Mock Interview Day:

  1. Log into your Wildcat Careers account:
  2. Click on the Wildcat Careers Jobs & Internships under the heading Jobs & Internships at the top
  3. In the Keyword box, type "*Mock Interview Day"
  4. Select “All Interviews” under the Show Me drop-down menu
  5. Click Search
  6. Select & click on the employer/position you would like to mock interview for
  7. Click Apply & Interview
  8. Upload a resume if you have not already on Wildcat Careers
  9. Select an interview time
  10. Click Submit
  11. A confirmation email/phone call will be sent out


Participating Employers:

 Liberty Mutual Insurance   ---------------- ALL MAJORS

  Image result for sig sauer       ------------------------------ CEPS

Image result for nh magazine   ------------------ COLA

Gateways Community Services  -------------------------------------- COLA, PAUL     

Image result for lonza biologics ------------------------ COLSA, CEPS

Image result for concord hospital -------------------------------- HHS, COLA, PAUL  


Enterprise Holdings ---------------------------- ALL MAJORS

Image result for timberland logo --------------- COLA, PAUL     


SilverTech----------------------- CEPS, COLA, PAUL

------------- COLA, CEPS

Image result for boston celtics  -------------------------------- ALL MAJORS





Questions about this event, contact: Ben Pastor