Interview - What to Wear: Women

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Your appearance is important because it is the interviewer’s first impression of you. 

  • Be professional, neat, clean, and well-groomed
  • Being overdressed is better than being underdressed
  • Clothes should be clean and wrinkle-free
  • Test-drive your outfit to ensure you are comfortable walking, sitting, standing
  • Research the industry and company as some companies are more conservative





  • Suit separates can either come with pants, skirt or a dress
  • Stick to matching pieces of consistent material and style

"Guide to Basic Women's Suiting"

"How Should an Interview Suit Fit?" (jacket)


  • Solid dark colors such as gray, navy or black are the best options for an interview
  • Plaid, pinstripe or patterned suits are not interview appropriate


  • Custom tailored suits are ideal, but in some cases hard to obtain last minute
  • The back should lay flat and not pull or bunch
  • Shoulder pad lines up with edge of shoulders
  • Sleeves are not too tight or to loose
  • The buttons on the front should comfortably button and not pull or tuft
  • Cuffs should rest less than half an inch above the wrist
"Fit tips for women's business wear"





  • Collared shirt either long or short sleeved
  • Dressy blouse in a comfortable material
  • Always have a conservative neckline

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How to wear

  • Tuck shirt or blouse into skirt or pants




  • Length should conservative at an inch or two above the knee, but nothing more
  • Should be fitted but comfortable to sit and walk in
  • Be aware of the slit and make sure it does not pull open
  • Always wear pantyhose

"How Should an Interview Suit Fit?"

"Fit tips for women's business wear" (skirt and sheath dress)


  • The bottom hem should be rest on top of the shoe without being too high or sweeping the floor
  • Pants should be fitted but comfortable to sit and walk in
  • Not too wide or skinny
"Fit tips for women's business wear" (dress pants)




  • Pumps or flats are good choices
  • Platforms, sandals or strappy heels are not appropriate
"What Type of Shoes to Wear on a Job Interview?"


  • Should be in a dark color coordinating with you suit/outfit

Heel Height

  • Must be comfortable to walk in
  • Should be under 2 inches


  • Simple jewelry and a watch are acceptable
  • No long or distracting jewelry
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  • A portfolio (leather or otherwise) is a must
  • Bring extra copies of your resume in this portfolio
"What should I take to my job interview?"





  • Neatly styled hair out of your face
  • Wet hair is never acceptable
  • Sunglasses should not be worn as a headband
"Is Your Hair Holding You Back?"


  • A minimal natural look is always better
  • Neutral tones are acceptable
  • Stay away from bright eye shadow, blush or lip products
  • No shimmer or glitter
  • Caked on makeup is a don't
"Makeup tips for Your Job Interview"


  • Shower
  • Wear deodorant, but avoid wearing perfume
  • Clean and trimmed nails         
  • Neutral nail polish     

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