Add/Drop a Course

Office of the Registrar add/drop information

  1. Determine what course you want to add and when and where it meets.

  2. Go to the class with the add/drop form and ask the professor if you may add. Get the professor's signature.

  3. If needed, then get the signature of the professor who teaches the course you want to drop.

  4. Get your advisor’s signature on the add/drop form.
    -If Liberal Arts Undeclared or LA Freshman: Come to Hood House 102.
    -Others: Find your assigned academic advisor

  5. Submit the signed add/drop form to the Registrar’s Office (Stoke Hall) by due date.
    (Spring 2015 deadline: Feb 6, 2015)


The most efficient way of finding out if a course has space is to go to the course's meeting time. Don't rely on the Open/Close list, as this is not updated once the semester starts.