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Cat Cycles

Who is eligible for the Cat Cycles?

Students, faculty, and staff of the University are eligible to participate in these programs. There are a limited number of bikes available.

What's it all about?

With "Cat Cycles" you sign out a bike for your exclusive short-term use (up to 1-week).

How much does the program cost?

Signing out and using a Cat Cycle is free. Your only cost would be if the bicycle were damaged while signed out to you, or returned after the due date & time, or not returned at all.

How do I go about signing out a Cat Cycle?

Come to the UNH Visitor Information Center, on Mast Road (near Lot A). Bring your student or employee ID card (it will be photocopied).  You'll be given a simple sign-out form that is kept on file to expedite future sign-outs. You will sign a form listing the terms and conditions of the program, and will be issued a bicycle with a combination lock for your use for a period of up to a week. At the end of the week, you return the bicycle.


Can I keep the bike indefinitely?
No.  There are only a limited number of bikes available.  We keep a waiting list for people awaiting a returned bike.  If there is nobody on the waiting list, you may renew your sign-out for up to another week.  And all bikes are due back when we close the program in the fall.

What is the riding range of my borrowed Cat Cycle?

You may ride as far as you like, on or off campus, as long as it is returned in good shape by the scheduled time.


When using a Cat Cycle you agree to terms including strict limits of liability.  These are presented on the sign-out form.  Please read them carefully. 

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