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Parking - Vacation Parking
Winter, Spring, Summer, Finals, Holidays, Special Events

Campus parking regulations may or may not change during periods of reduced services. Please note that during Winter and Spring Vacations, and during Summer Session, most campus parking regulations remain in effect and are enforced. Please do not make the mistake of presuming that since the university is on reduced service that there are no parking regulations in effect! UNH is always open one way or another, during breaks, on weekends, on holidays, etc., so a certain level parking regulations always apply. Please read over some of these highlights:

Winter and Spring Break

  • Permit requirements are in effect in faculty/staff lots on any UNH workday. Please bear in mind that "workdays" some times occur on days when no classes are scheduled for students.
  • All university offices, including the Parking Office are closed during the annual Holiday Shutdown (Christmas-New Years). During the Shutdown, there are no permit requirements in fac/staff or commuter lots, and the meters are free. However, other rules, such as fire lanes, dean's spaces, ADA/accessible spaces, off paved surface, and Winter Parking Ban rules are still in effect, and enforced.
  • During these breaks, campus residents may park in their assigned lots. Additionally, any student who has a valid Resident West permit may temporarily use the Gables, Woodside, and E/E1 lots, but must be back in their assigned lots before the end of break. Owners without permits may buy a temp permit, if available. Unpermitted vehicles are subject to enforcement, even during breaks.
  • Students working on campus during vacation should use their assigned permits. In some cases, temporary permits for the commuter lots or Faculty/Staff lots are sold to qualified temporary employees, with appropriate documentation from the hiring department.
  • There are frequently special events scheduled for Winter and Spring Breaks that could render changes to parking availability. Be on the lookout for signs and/or announcements.
  • Normal regulations and full enforcement resume at the end of breaks, and/or when the dorms re-open.

Summer Session

  • Although there are fewer students on campus in the summer, ALL parking regulations and enforcement is in full effect throughout the summer months.
  • Summer permits are required for the summer session! Student permits that were good during the regular academic year (Resident, Resident West, Commuter) expire on May 31.
  • Several types of permits expire on August 31st. Fac/Staff permits, for instance, need to be renewed. Other permit types need to be re-issued.
  • Summer permits go on sale in May, and continue for sale throughout the summer.
  • There are many conferences and special events that take place during the summer session. Be on the lookout for signs and announcements of how these will affect parking.

Finals, Reading Days, no-class days

  • During finals and reading days, and during break days/periods when there are no classes scheduled, but university offices are open, most regulations are enforced. Some modification of permit requirements in the Commuter and Resident lots may be in effect. Please call during office hours and find out precisely what is happening the day you plan to arrive. Please do NOT make assumptions!


  • UNH observes a specific list of holidays. On days that the university is closed, there are no permit requirements in fac/staff or commuter lots, and meters do not need to be paid. However, a number of other standard regulations apply, and are enforced.
  • There are a number of holidays that are NOT observed at UNH (e.g., Presidents Day). On these days, the parking regulations apply and are enforced, like any other day.
  • There are some days days where students only have the day off, but the faculty and staff need to come to work (e.g. "Fall Break", usually on Columbus Day). On these days, parking regulations generally apply and are enforced like any other day.

Special Events

  • Over breaks, as throughout the year, more particular day-to-day regulation and enforcement modification may apply, depending on daily events, which can't be precisely detailed on this page. It is always best to call and ask, and never to assume.

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