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Parking - Permit Sales - Permit Prices

Effective 7/1/14

Faculty/Staff $50.00*
Commuter $50.00**
Gables, Woodside, E/E1, FP $350.00**
One-semester Res core $225.00**
Resident West $200.00**
One-semester Res West $125.00**
Graduate Assistant "GA" $50.00**
Reserved/Hall Director $450.00***
Service $50.00
Vendor/Contractor $50.00
Rec Pass $50.00
Motorcycle or Moped $10.00/$25.00****
Summer Commuter $35.00
Summer Resident $35.00
Summer Fac/Staff $35.00
Summer Motorcycle or Moped $10.00
Visitor $10/day
Volunteer $50.00
EMS Free
Trustee Free
Emeritus Free
Lost Permit Replacement $20.00

* Pre-tax payroll deduction options exist.
** Permit type sold on-line during on-line sales period.
*** Hall directors may buy standard faculty/staff permit instead.

**** Fac/Staff / Student price


Refunds policies.


Documentation will accompanies your new permit, so that you display your permit properly, park in correct lots, and obey the campus parking regulations. Also, be on the lookout special events or other conditions that change parking lot availability.