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Parking - Permit Sales - Other Permits

In addition to Student and Faculty/Staff permits, Parking Services issues a number of other permit categories to members of the UNH Community:

Contractor - Vendor / Service

These are sold to off-campus individuals or companies performing approved service or deliveries to campus buildings. They are valid in Faculty/Staff lots and in designated service spaces (up to two hours).

Contractor - Construction

These are sold to general contractors with a current project on campus. General contractors may, at the discretion of Parking Services, purchase permits for sub-contractors. These permits are valid inside construction sites and designated contractor parking areas.

Emergency Services / Ambulance Corps

These are sold to emergency services personnel employed with the Durham Fire Department, UNH Police Department, and the Emergency Dispatch Center for parking at their designated areas. EMS permits are sold to ambulance personnel, and are valid only at the Ambulance Building during actual emergencies.


These may be issued as valid lifetime permits upon request and approval to the Director of Parking Services to former employees formally given Emeritus status by the BOT. These permits are valid in Faculty/Staff lots and at parking meters.

Hall Director

These are issued to Hall Directors and Assistant Hall Directors only, and are limited to use in Hall Director spaces.

ADA/Accessible Permit

(FKA "Handicap" Permit)

UNH does NOT issues ADA/Accessible permits. State-issued walking disability plates and/or placards are required in all UNH ADA/accessible spaces. Use of state-issued plates or placards requires an accompanying UNH-issued permit appropriate for the lot where the person parks.

Motorcycle / Moped

These are issued to UNH employees and students, and are valid in designated motorcycle or moped spaces only.

Rec Pass

These are issued to holders of UNH Rec Passes so that they may park to use the Rec Center. These permits are valid in A-lot only.


These are issued to approved UNH-employed service personnel. All service permit applications must be accompanied by documentation from the applicant's department, and must be approved by Parking Services. Those issued Service permits may park in Service spaces (up to 2 hours), or in standard Faculty/Staff spaces.


These are issued to sitting members of the USNH Board of Trustees, and are valid in faculty/staff or commuter lots and at parking meters.

Visitor Permits

These are restricted to visitors who are not employed or enrolled at UNH. These permits are issued for the Visitor Center lot, or for visitor sections of the apartment complexes.


These are limited to volunteer UNH department workers (volunteers to student organizations and non-affiliated organizations doing business at UNH, and UNH employees and students are excluded). Permits are valid in faculty/staff parking lots.

Temporary Permits: The Parking Office may issue temporary permits of any variety to make parking accommodations whenever possible. Temporary permits are issued for special events, to students and faculty/staff, etc., for a variety of circumstances. Although not all requests can be honored, please contact the Parking Office to make a temporary permit request.

For complete permit classification description, consult Article V of the UNH Parking Policy manual.


Documentation will accompanies your new permit, so that you display your permit properly, park in correct lots, and obey the campus parking regulations. Also, be on the lookout special events or other conditions that change parking lot availability.