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Parking - Motorcycles & Mopeds

Updated for 2014-15


Definition of Motorcycle/Moped (From UNH Parking Regulations Article II, Sec. 9):

Any motorized 2-wheeled cycle or scooter that needs to be registered with a state Motor Vehicle Department is a motorcycle/moped.  Any motorized cycle capable of up to 30mph and/or with a piston displacement of up to 50cc are mopeds; over 30mph and/or 51cc and over are motorcycles.  Side-car, 3-wheel and custom oersized cycles must be permitted and parked as 4-wheel vehicles.  [Note: for the purpose of these regulations, "mopeds" and "scooters" are the same thing.]


Permit Requirement:  Motorcycles and mopeds require permits along the same parameters as their 4-wheel counterparts. 


Places to park:    Motorcycles and mopeds are assigned to DISTINCT and SEPARATE parking areas:


  • Motorcycles with valid permits may park in any area specifically designated for motorcycle parking. Mopeds are NOT allowed in motorcycle parking areas. 


  • Mopeds with valid permits may park in any area specifically designated for moped parking.  See map.  Motorcycles are NOT allowed in moped parking areas. 

Separate motorcycle and moped parking areas are to be found throughout campus, marked with signs, typically in corners or "dead spaces" of lots (note: not all corners or "dead spaces" are designated).  Motorcycles and mopeds are also allowed to park at paid parking meters or in pay-per-hour spaces, but are otherwise prohibited from parking in any "car" space on campus.


NO PARKING:  Neither motorcycles nor mopeds may park in undesignated areas.  You may not park at bike racks, sign posts, trees, on the grass, stairways, etc.  You may not park in car spaces (except meter or pay-per-hour spaces).


WINTER USE/WINTER PARKING BAN:  ALL moped parking areas--including those in "exempt" lots--are closed from midnight to 6AM from December 1 - April 1.  There is NO after-midnight parking or storage for mopeds; all must be brought off campus during these times.  Also, some moped parking areas may not be cleared of snow during these periods, so daytime parking is further limited.  Since most moped pads are adjacent to traffic and pedestrian areas, take care not to park during occasions when plowing is necessary.


NO TRAVEL:  Neither motorcycles nor mopeds may travel on pedestrian sidewalks, pathways or bike ways. 


You are expected to drive to a designated parking areas appropriate for your cycle type, and walk the rest of the way to your destination!


Enforcement:  Motorcycles and mopeds that are parked without a valid parking permit and/or in an ineligible parking area risk standard enforcement.


Permit eligibility:   

Faculty/Staff, commuter students, and non-freshman campus residents may apply for a motorcycle or moped permit.


Campus residents may have EITHER a "car" permit OR a motorcycle/moped permit, but may not have both--campus residents are prohibited from keeping two vehicles on campus.  Freshman campus residents are prohibited from buying any parking permit. 


Faculty/Staff and Commuter students may obtain a motorcycle or moped permit either by itself or in addition to a "car" permit--although they may not have both vehicles on campus at the same time.


Commuter students who live within the commuter permit restriction zone (<1 mi. of campus) are ineligible for a motorcycle permit. (Restrictive zone does not apply to faculty/staff).


Any commuter student (or fac/staff), including those who live within the commuter permit restriction zone, is eligible for a moped permit.  However, moped permits are subject to sell out.  Sales limitations apply to both students and faculty/staff. 



Permit Prices:  Student motorcycle or moped permits are $25 or free with the purchase of the $50 Commuter "car" permit.  These permits expire 5/31.  Faculty/staff motorcycle or moped permits are $10 or free with the purchase of the $50 Fac/Staff "car" permit.  These permits expire 8/31.  Summer motorcycle or moped permits are $10 and expire 8/31.



Campus Map

The campus map indicates the placement of many of the designated motorcycle parking areas. 



Map & information.


Motorcycle / Moped Application Form