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Parking - Frequently Asked Billing Questions

What's the story with these Parking Ticket Statements

Statements sent from Transportation Services are simply to serve as reminders of unpaid parking tickets. The tickets themselves are the actual "bills".

What gets a ticket statement?

Statements are sent for any active ticket for which we have ascertained the name and address of a responsible individual or business. Some billing statements are sent via e-mail to assigned university e-mail addresses or those furnished by permit holders or appellants.

How does Transportation Services determine the responsible individual or business?

Most often, the vehicle that has been ticketed bears a UNH parking permit, for which a name and address record exists in the parking database. For vehicles not registered with UTS, the license plate is traced through the University Police Department or DMV, and the registered owner is determined. Sometimes the vehicle is associated with an individual because he or she used his or her permit on a borrowed car, and the ticket identifies the permit number in the violation.

I am not the registered owner of the car, why did I get this statement?

Often, a cited vehicle is officially owned by a family member of an enrolled student. Either the student was borrowing a family member's car, or a family member was visiting campus because of the student. In either case, the encumbrance is assigned to the student. Similarly, this may be done to a member of the faculty or staff. For the purposes of enforcement Article II, Section 11 of the UNH Parking Regulations defines "Registered Owner" as the "vehicle operator, registrant, temporary parking permit holder, owner, and/or student recording an association at the owner's residence."

The parking tickets are really old; why am I getting statements now?

There are several possibilities. One, this may be a ticket that was previously billed, but has not yet been paid. Two, we may have billed to an old address and you did not receive the statement (see Article X-Je). MOST OFTEN, however, old tickets that appear on a statement had not been previously identified with an owner. We did not know who you were to send you a bill. The plate number had to be traced to find an owner name & address.

Why does it take so long to trace a plate?

Typically a plate remains untraced for about a month on the chance that the ticket might get paid, rendering the trace unnecessary. DMV traces are sent to a variety of states, and can take a few weeks to come back and compile. Sometimes returned DMV responses require additional investigation to form an association with an owner.

Why should I have to pay a ticket that is so old?

Remember the statement is the reminder, the ticket was the bill. Even if it was a long time ago, the vehicle was cited for a parking infraction. Not getting a prompt reminder does not excuse the original violation--which after all, WAS issued promptly.

I don't remember getting this ticket?

This item is covered in the general FAQ section. Also, bear in mind that you yourself may not have been the driver on the occasion of the citation. Think back and recall if you loaned your car to someone who may have received a ticket and not told you about it. Whether you yourself were on campus on the occasion is not in question. It is whether your vehicle was here.

I think I paid this ticket already; What might have happened?

You may have paid one of two tickets you had on your outstanding account. Sometimes people send in a payment for a ticket without indicating which specific ticket of theirs towards which we should apply this payment. If this individual has multiple tickets, we would normally apply the payment to whichever ticket seems the most suitable, leaving the others unpaid and outstanding.

What should I do if I've already paid for a ticket?

Bills are not generated on tickets that have been marked as paid. Sometimes you might get a statement for a ticket you JUST paid a few days before, in which case you may disregard the statement. In all other cases, IF YOU THINK YOU'VE PAID THE TICKET, YOU MUST SEND A PHOTOCOPY OF BOTH SIDES OF A CANCELED CHECK AND/OR A RECEIPT OF PAYMENT FROM THE PARKING OFFICE OR THE UNH BUSINESS OFFICE. Please do not simply just call the Parking Office and say you think you already paid the ticket. If our records showed the ticket paid, we could not have generated a statement for it. Please get your documentation and then contact us.

I appealed this ticket and never heard anything?

Decisions on denied appeals (reactivated tickets) are delivered the day they are entered into the computer. They are sent to the address furnished by the appellant. Sometimes a person appealing a ticket is no longer at this address by the time the appeal decision is rendered. Sometimes the appellant does not furnish an address for us to deliver a decision. If you are getting a statement for a ticket you appealed, then either we did not receive the appeal in the first place, or the appeal has been denied and the ticket reactivated.

I have never been anywhere near UNH. How could I have a ticket?

First, try to think if anyone might have borrowed your car and taken it to UNH. If you are certain that your car has not been here, then it may be a case where you inherited the license plate number of someone who has. Try to determine when your plate was issued to you. If it was after the ticket issuance date, then whoever had your plate number before you may have earned the ticket, and your name came up as a result of the plate trace. Also, some states have unusual duplication of the same numbers on different types of plates (for instance Maine has regular plates and "conservation plates" which may bear the same numbers). If either of these possibilities are the case, call us and we will determine the issuance date or type of the plate, and see if it is the source of unintended association with the tickets.

I don't have this plate number anymore?

Remember, some of the tickets on the statements can be fairly old. You may have gotten replacement plate numbers since. Also you might have a ticket which reflects the violation of a different car than you currently own. You may have used the same plates on one of your previous cars.

Okay, I know these tickets are mine; how can I pay for them?

Please send a check made to "UNH" for the amount due, and mail this in with a copy of your statement to UNH Parking Services - 295 Mast Road - Durham, NH 03824. You may also use a money order. You may pay in person with cash. Students may make payments at the student Business Office. You may also pay in person or over the phone with a Visa or a Master Card number.

I don't agree with the issuance of this ticket.

Obviously no one is happy about receiving a ticket. We are compelled to enforce the regulations as they exist on campus in order to maximize parking options for everybody. There are many circumstances that can lead to your having a ticket issued on your car. Some of them are acceptable excuses, others are not. The appeals process provides a 10-day opportunity to contest a ticket on grounds of extreme extenuating circumstance or enforcement error. After that, the violation must stand. Not agreeing with the regulations or enforcement policy does not, however, mitigate the violation, and not paying does not make the ticket go away.

What happens if I don't pay this?

Vehicles with outstanding violations appearing on campus are subject to the normal enforcement policies and procedures. Citations not paid are eventually turned over to the Credit and Collections office.

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