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Parking - Permit Sales - Faculty / Staff Permit Sales & Renewals


All permit distribution is subject to qualification criteria and documentation requirements. Faculty/Staff who live in campus housing are not eligible for faculty/staff permits. Grad TA/RAs are not eligible for faculty/staff permits. No permits or renewals are conducted for any person or for any vehicle that has outstanding parking tickets. All fines must be paid before a sale or renewal is done.

Permit Sales

Permits for eligible faculty & staff may be applied for and purchased in person at Transportation Services parking office (Visitor Center). New applicants should bring documentation of eligibility (letter of hire, etc.). New employees may be eligible for a free 2-week temp permit while awaiting their first paycheck.

Summer faculty/staff permits: Eligible summer faculty and staff may purchase a summer permit ($35) in person at Transportation Services' parking office (Visitor Center). All applicants must provide documentation of eligibility. Students spending the summer as summer staff, and not enrolled in summer session classes may be eligible for a summer faculty/staff permit.

Permit Renewals

Annual Faculty/Staff permits expire on August 31. Prior to that date, renewal documents are delivered to the home addresses or e-mails of the holders of valid permits (be sure to alert us if your address changes during the course of the year). Renewal notices will NOT be delivered to permit holders who failed to renew their permit for the prior year. Those whose eligibility to hold their permit will carry into the upcoming year must pay for their renewal if they wish to retain their parking privileges. There are several renewal options (see below)


Option 1: "Auto-Renew"

This renewal option is offered to benefits-eligible employees only. With this option, you agree to an annual payroll deduction. After your initial enrollment, you do not need to return your renewal form, or take any action to conduct your renewal. Your only responsibility is to alert the Parking Office if your name, address, or vehicle information changes, and to pay off any outstanding fines before the renewal period. Individuals with outstanding fines will be removed from Auto-Renew. Enrollees to Auto-Renew agree to have two consecutive pre-tax deductions of $25 totaling $50, per year. You may opt out of Auto-Renew at any time by alerting the Parking Office.

Option 2: One-Time Payroll Deduction:

With this option, you agree to a one-time deduction for the upcoming year only. You would have to actively renew your permit the following year, providing the information all over again. For this option, you agree to two consecutive pre-tax deductions of $25, totaling $50, for one year only.

Option 3: Standard Payment

Any eligible employee may chose to pay with a standard payment method. You may mail a check or money order, or pay in person with a credit card (Visa/MC) or cash. Checks should be payable to "UNH". There is no pre-tax benefit in this option, and payment must be made in full ($50) in one payment.


When your permit is renewed, just keep using the same hang-tag you used last year.  You are not sent a new permit every year.


For all completed applications, you MUST provide all requested information, even if it is the same as last year's info! You must sign your application. Applications & renewal forms may be delivered to the Transportation Services office at the Visitor Center, 295 Mast Road, Durham, NH, 03824.

Motorcycle & Moped Permits

Motorcycle & moped permits are available at Transportation Services only, and go year-to-year (not renewable). All motorized cycles that need to be registered with the DMV, including mopeds & scooters, require a motorcycle permit at UNH. Click here for more information. 


Documentation will accompany your new permit indicating how to display your permit properly, park in correct lots, and obey the campus parking regulations. Also, be on the lookout for special events or other conditions that change parking lot availability.