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Active Learning techniques


Learning: Noun or verb?

The term "active learning" refers to a host of teaching and learning activities, methods, and approaches, all of which have as a goal the active processing of "information" or "experience" into "knowledge." In an active learning environment, the goal of instruction goes beyond the transfer of information from an expert/instructor--or a text of some kind--to a novice/student. To varying degrees. active learning techniques give students a greater amount of control over how, and even what, they learn. With that control goes a greater degree of responsibility, autonomy, and ultimately--intentionality, as students develop the ability and self-confidence to set learning goals for themselves and to make informed choices about how to reach those goals within the framework of a given course and in their curricular programs at large.

Florida State University's Instruction at FSU: A Guide to Teaching & Learning Practices has a very useful chapter on active learning, with many examples of different techniques for different objectives. Click here to access this valuable resource.

Additional resources: (click on Paper #34)