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About Us

Cognate in College Teaching

The Graduate School, in conjunction with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, offers a thirteen-credit graduate program designed to enhance the effectiveness of college teaching. All courses needed to earn this credential carry full academic credit. Some of the classes are offered online, and some are held on campus.

Possessing the requisite graduate degree(s), the interest, and the research experience in an academic discipline may no longer be sufficient for success as a college-level professor. Today's faculty members must possess a set of skills and understandings specific to effective teaching in a learner-centered environment: they have to know how students learn, how to design courses to enhance that learning, how to interact effectively with students, and how to assess teaching and learning. This program is designed to help faculty and graduate students learn and sharpen these skills and to broaden their knowledge base in the scholarship of college teaching.

All courses in the program are based on the latest research and scholarship in the field of college teaching. The curriculum offers a rich blend of teaching and learning theory, a comprehensive overview of the current best teaching practices in higher education, and practical strategies for applying what is learned.
Formal admission into the certificate program is necessary, based upon prior education and professional experience. A total of 13 graduate credits from our College Teaching curriculum are required. Six 2-credit courses are used to develop core competencies; all students then complete an electronic teaching portfolio for an additional credit. For a complete listing of courses, click here.



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