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The following lists the constituencies of the Student Senate and the number of positions delegated to each constituency. Please check back soon for specific individuals' contact information.

Alexander (1)

Jeff Jett, Dan Whelton

Babcock (1)

Rob Wilson

Christensen (4)

Congreve (2)

Engelhardt (1)

Jeff St. Cyr, Sarah McLeod-Warrick

Fairchild (1)

Faye Richardson

First Year 1

Carter Bascom

First Year 2

Alexandra Eicher

Gables (9)

Bridget Robinson

Jeff Moyer

Craig Martin

Kristen Mosher

Sarah Morse


Greeks (5)

Stephanie Foster, Caitlin Wamsley

Raina Martinec

Chelsea Murfitt, Nicole Otis, Leah Rubin

Hetzel (1)

Evan Monty, David King

Hubbard (2)

Heather Rollins

Karen Chavez

Hunter (1)

Matthew Bentley

Jessie Doe (1)

Kimberly Pzegeo

Lord (1)

TJ Selinka

McLaughlin (1)

Sarah Nute

Mills (3)

Shelby McGuigan

Devin Dumais

Mini Dorms (2)

Molly Berger

Patricia Donahoe

Sawyer (1)

Scott (1)

Meaghan Jepsen, Sean Kolb

SERC A (3)

SERC B (3)

Elvir Zulkic

Amber Droeske

SERC C (3)

Smith (1)

Michael Sanchez, Alex Lamothe

Stoke (6)

Chad Kaminski

Stephen Boutwell

Kevin Kennedy

Samantha Cunic

Upper Quad (5)

Kevin Linton

Jill Flieger

Ryan Greenwood

Williamson (4)

Michael Hlushuk

Woodsides (4)


Thomas Wuelper

Kyle Sellers

Adam Kelly

Karen Coutinho

Christina Caiazza


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