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Executive Board

Student Body President
A.J. Coukos
PHONE 603.862.2163

Student Body Vice President
Jess Fruchtman
PHONE 603.862.2163

Student Senate Speaker
Patricia Donahoe
PHONE 603.862.1494

Academic Affairs Council Chairperson
Kelly Whittier

Community Change Council Chairperson
Jill Fleiger

Commuter Affairs Officer
Anthony Rapp

Campus Structure Council Chairperson
Chris Lynch

Business Manager

Lauren Scarlett

External Affairs Council Chairperson
Peter Duffield

Executive Officer
Ellie Richardson

Greek Affairs Officer
Andy Gilbert

Health and Human Services Council Chairperson
Holly McNamara

Judicial Affairs Council Chairperson
Timothy Quinney and Alex Sargent and

Organizational Resource Office Director
Maxwell Arbuckle

Alex Eicher

Public Relations Manager
Peter Geyer

Student Life Council Chairperson
Samantha Cunic

Student Activity Fee Chairperson
Carter Bascom

Mike Germaske



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