The Ten Initiatives: New Ventures Fund

New Ventures Fund
Point Person:
John Aber, university professor and provost, vice president for Academic Affairs

The New Ventures Fund will supply planning funds with which to test the academic and financial viability of bold new interdisciplinary and collaborative research, teaching, and engagement initiatives. The fund will be directed by the provost, with the advice of a faculty council.

Relevant working group reports

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What's happened in the last year

The President's cabinet has pooled together funds from reserves and from small, individual strategic accounts to seed the New Ventures with a total $1 million dollars for this academic year. While this has been a one-time effort, the hope is that the success of the New Venture projects will result in repeated and continuous funding. 

What's happening now and plans for the future

The provost, with the advice of the vice provosts, deans, directors, and Faculty Senate convened the New Ventures Advisory Board called for in the Strategic Plan to assist with oversight of the New Ventures Fund. This board, along with other members of the community, also populated the review panels for the competitions. The competition categories are Wonder and Innovation in Teaching, Research and Engagement Academy; and Research Leveraging Initiative.

The 2010–2011 competition is now closed. Award will be made in May.