Neil Larson

Expresso Setup

Although this picture can fool you, it’s not an espresso, but our very fast setup – expresso. You can install SympaGrid WordPress Theme much faster then you can sip your espresso.

It takes only 2 minutes to setup theme and then you can enjoy your espresso. Don’t forget cookies, too.

Join the #UNHSocial Team!

The #UNHSocial team is looking to add 5 student interns to the team this academic year! We’re looking for students with a passion for using and monitoring social media, the ability and desire to write engaging weekly blog posts on a variety of topics, and attend university events for social media coverage. These are hourly paid positions with flexible hours and scheduling. Some weekend and evening work is required. Click on our new friends below to find out more!


Infinite scroll

Albert Einstein once said: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe”. He didn’t know about SympaGrid WordPress Theme.

Infinite scroll has been called autopagerize, unpaginate, endless pages.


- Users are retained on the site far better.
“Users are less likely to continue on to the next “page” if they have to click something versus it being delivered automatically to them”
- Requires no adjustment in a user’s typical reading habits.
– SEO-friendly and Accessible


First European Cup match

Partizan Belgrade hold a unique position in UEFA history having played in the first UEFA club competition game on 4 September 1955, drawing 3-3 with Sporting Clube de Portugal in a European Champion Clubs’ Cup game in Lisbon; Miloš Milutinović and Branko Zebec were among the stars of the side that won 5-2 in the return.