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The iPhone is Here

Katherine Derby

iPhoneIt’s here. The biggest thing to hit the streets since the iPod was first introduced. You can almost feel the rumble from the stampede of those who want to combine their cell phone, laptop, and iPod.

In June 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone, wrapping multiple technologies into one small, compact bundle. Both invested companies (Apple and AT&T) have packaged together an impressive device and service. The service plans are relatively inexpensive, supplying bang-for-buck plans ranging from $59.99 to $99.99/month, all including visual voicemail and unlimited data. (Note: Existing AT&T customers will need to add the iPhone Data Plan for $20/month.) The iPhone should enjoy strong signal strength using former Cingular’s cell towers. When available, the iPhone can also pick up public wireless signals used for browsing the net instead of using the modem/data connection.

But does it work? Is it easy to use? And is it really worth the hefty price tag? If you can get past the sticker shock of $499 (4GB) and $599 (8GB), you will realize the iPhone is capable of handling almost everything you need in one small, thin, lightweight package. For those used to carrying a PDA and cell phone, you’ll enjoy the extra room in your pockets/briefcase/purse.

Purchasing Info
Discounts are not available to UNH employees through the UNH Computer Store or UNH Telecom as UNH does not currently support iPhones. At the present time, AT&T and Apple corporate accounts/sales of the iPhone are not available. To purchase an iPhone, visit www.apple.com/iphone/buy/ for information on purchasing on-line or locating your local Apple or AT&T store.

Published on August 27, 2007.


Update: Published on September 13, 2007

Apple recently released the new iPhone. UNH Telecom nor the UNH Computer Store are able to sell the iPhone because AT&T and Apple require the client to sign a two year contract directly with AT&T.  CIS is presently not purchasing any iPhones and it is not on the supported product list. As a professional courtesy, CIS staff will attempt to determine whether a problem is related to CIS operated services (ex. iPhone cannot access a CIS service because the service itself is down). In addition, we offer a Frequently Asked Question web page. For problems that do not fall into this category, iPhone owners are asked to call AT&T or Apple for advice.


????? Frequently Asked Questions ?????


Question: I am trying to migrate service from my UNH departmental AT&T or Cingular cell phone the iPhone and the instructions are not working. 
Answer: It is likely that your cell phone has a "corporate contract" and your iPhone has a "personal contract". The UNH Telecom Work Order Writers can help you get in touch with the appropriate AT&T support staff to facilitate the migration.

Question: My iPhone is connecting to my WiFi service at home, but not at UNH.
Answer: The iPhone is designed to connect to the Internet either through the AT&T wireless network, or through a local WiFi network. The UNH WiFi wireless network is protected from malicious activity by limiting the type of services that are available without activating VPN. The VPN, a virtual private network technology establishes an encrypted connection to enhance security over an otherwise unsecured service such as WiFi.  Until a VPN solution for the iPhone is available and proven to work well, the iPhone will not be able to utilize the UNH wireless network.



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