UNH Men, Be Part of the Solution!

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Add your name below, wear a white ribbon and take a personal pledge to:

“Never commit, condone, nor remain silent about violence against women.”

Student, Class of 2013, Professor, Staff, Sigma Chi
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We made the pledge. Please join us.

Name UNH Affiliation
1 Ryan Grogan UNH WRC Student Coordinator, UNH SBVP Elect, Phi Mu Delta
2 Nicholas Salvatore Marcellino Jr. Student, Phi Mu Delta, other
3 Derek Chaput Student, Class of 2018, Phi Mu Delta
4 Colton Castonguay Phi Mu Delta, Student, Class of 2017
5 Aaron Scheinman Phi Mu Delta
6 Cameron Alexander Cook Student, Class of 2017, Student Body President-Elect, Vice President of Phi Mu Delta
7 Sam Buzzell Student, Class or 2017, Phi Mu Delta, UNH Geocaching Club
8 Ryan Ross Phi Mu Delta, Class of 2015
9 Matthew Reuter Student, Class of 2018, Phi Mu Delta, Student Senate
10 Joseph Sweeney UNH Student Body President, Class of 2016, Phi Mu Delta
11 David May AVP Business Affairs
12 Sean Moundas Staff
13 Silas Wellington Richards Phi Mu Delta, Student Senate, Hunter Hall, Class of 2018
14 Alexander J Fries Recruitment Chair PHI MU DELTA, STUDENT SENATE, President UNH College Republicans
15 Lincoln Crutchfield Class of 2017, Student Senate Financial Affairs Chairman, USNH Trustee-elect
16 Mica Stark class of '96, current staff/employee
17 Ross Gorham Assistant Field Hockey Coach & Class of 2011
18 Michael Tappen Student, Social Work
19 Samuel Aaron Paris Phi Mu Delta
20 Eric Bourn UNH Police Department
21 Sean Wilton UNH Police Department
22 Spencer Black Student, Class of 2015, Phi Mu Delta
23 Alex Hardy Sigma Phi Epsilon
24 Rev. Larry brickner-Wood UNH Chaplain
25 Jim Graham Staff, University Communications and Public Affairs
26 Jim Graham Staff, University Communications and Public Affairs