About the staff

Slava Bruder, Office Manager

Slava started her tenure at SHARPP in 1992. Prior to her work at SHARPP, Slava was employed at the New England Center for Continuing Education in the administrative offices and assisting the General Manager. Her duties were easily transferrable to those required of her at SHARPP – i.e., primarily assisting management in day to day operations.

Her work experience at SHARPP has been both positive and rewarding. In her words, “it’s been an empowering experience for me and instrumental in my growth, especially towards feminism and women’s rights”. Slava participates in various committees on campus and is the Vice Chair of the Operating Staff Council.

She received her business degree from the Strafford Institute in Quebec, Canada. 

Inside the SHARPP Studio with Slava

  • Her passion: Knitting, reading cooking/baking - simultaneously
  • What excites her: Learning a new language and exploring new cultures
  • What brings her joy: Family and her son’s wonderful smile and exuberance
  • What does she love: World travelling
  • Least favorite words: No, never, can’t
  • Most favorite word or phrase: But, of course!
  • Favorite snack food: Cheese and artisan bread
  • What sound does she love: The birds singing and chirping in the morning
  • Something you didn’t know about Slava: She was born in a castle in the Bohemian forest; lived in Czechoslovakia, Italy and Canada prior to coming to the USA

How to reach Slava