About the Staff

Maggie Wells, Outreach Coordinator

Maggie graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2004 as a double major in Women’s Studies and Political Science. Before coming to SHARPP in 2008 she worked for several years as the Education Coordinator of the YWCA in Manchester, NH. A large focus of her job was training the systems that survivors may come into contact with as well as the organization’s staff and volunteers.

It was the opportunity to explore and conduct more prevention work that appealed to her to join the community at the University of New Hampshire. As Outreach Coordinator it is Maggie’s duty to spread awareness of the issues of sexual violence, relationship abuse and stalking. In doing so she works to end violence by having discussions, trainings and events about consent, bystanders and healthy relationships. For years she has been dedicated to advocating for the end of violence against women. It is Maggie’s firm belief that the key tools to ending this violence are in fact education and prevention.  

Inside the SHARPP Studio with Maggie

  • Favorite color: Orange
  • Least favorite food: Winter Squash
  • Biggest Fear: Sharks and Komodo Dragons
  • Favorite past time: Chasing after the energetic four legged hound in her life
  • Favorite snack food: Velveeta Cheesy Dip or Gummy Bears
  • What sound does she hate: The alarm clock
  • What sound does she love: Laughter of all kinds from the snort to the cackle!
  • Retirement plans: Owning some Main Street flower shop in a cute little New England town and napping on the regular

How to reach Maggie