About the staff

Connie DiSanto, Media Outreach Coordinator

As the media outreach coordinator, Connie is responsible for designing and implementing multi-media advertising campaigns for all SHARPP events and activites, and she maintains SHARPP's social media venues and website.

She has a been graphic designer working in the field for over 25 years. Connie also was a volunteer advocate for SASS (Sexual Assault Support Services, Portsmouth, NH) for 5 years, were she worked the 24 hour crisis hotline and provided support at hospital emergency rooms, child advocacy centers and the courts. Being able to combine her creative background with her desire in advocating for an end to sexual violence is a unique opportunity that she feels lucky to be a part of.

Connie received her BFA in graphic design from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Inside the SHARPP Studio with Connie

  • Favorite color: red & black (combinations of)
  • Favorite food: pasta, dark beer & dark chocolate
  • What brings her joy: hanging with family & friends, music, eating, communing with nature, playing hockey, riding her motorcycle (fast)
  • What sound does she hate: a dentist's drill, too much treble and not enough bass
  • What sound does she love: my cat's purr, crunching ice beneath my hockey skates, wind

How to reach Connie