The Team

An interdisciplinary team of CEPS students would like to pursue the 2014 Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) remotely operated vehicle (ROV) competition. The team will consist of six mechanical engineering seniors, two computer science seniors, and one computer engineering student. We want community outreach and the promotion of UNH to be an important part of our organization. Whether it is encouraging incoming students of all genders and backgrounds to pursue a degree in CEPS, allowing high school students to pilot the ROV or hosting open house events. This project will also allow us to further gain a tremendous amount of knowledge in our areas of interest such as system controls, fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, mechanics, electrical engineering, onboard computer systems, and naval architecture.

Nick Geist

Senior - Mechanical Engineering - CEO/Propulsion

Image of Nick Geist

I have always been interested in robotics, so choosing the underwater ROV as my senior project was an easy decision to make. As team leader, I am excited to bring together colleagues from different academic backgrounds to build off our individual strengths and weaknesses. I look forward to applying what I have learned through mechanical and ocean engineering to make this project a success!

In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar, being outside and working on my car.

Matt Sweeney

Senior - Mechanical Engineering - Propulsion (Captain)

Image of Matt Sweeney

I am a senior mechanical engineering student at UNH and am the propulsion captain for this year's underwater ROV team. Joining the team late last year, I immediately knew that the underwater ROV was the senior project for me. Reasons for this include that the team is a multidisciplinary one which I knew would drive my communication and collaboration skills as a developing engineer. I found the propulsion subgroup the most appealing since it is responsible for giving the ROV maneuverability which is a crucial part of any ROV because without it the ROV is simply a hunk of mass which cannot move or perform desired tasks. In addition to my passion for submersibles, I also find the aerospace industry very interesting and would like to work with either jet engines or submarine propulsion systems upon graduation. I am also an outdoors enthusiast and enjoy participating in community service events.

Sean Gribbin

Senior - Mechanical Engineering - Treasurer/Propulsion

Image of Sean Gribbin

Ever since I heard about the UNH Underwater ROV team my sophomore year, and saw the success that they had, I knew this was the project team I wanted to join for my senior design project as a Mechanical Engineering major. As a member of the propulsion team, I look forward to applying what I have learned in various mechanical engineering classes, including fluid dynamics, and mechanics. I am excited to begin working with a very talented group of individuals that make up the 2013-2014 ROV team!

In my spare time, I like to play drums and I am also a member of the UNH Cycling team.

Tyler Fausnacht

Senior - Mechanical Engineering - Chassis (Captain)

Image of Tyler Fausnacht

Ever since learning about the project I knew I wanted to get involved so I joined the team late last year as an underclassman member. I have always been interested in structural components and machining processes so the chassis team is a very good fit for me. I'm looking forward to continuing the success of this great project.

In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar and piano as well as being outside and playing sports such as tennis and basketball.

Christopher Barr

Senior - Mechanical Engineering - Chassis

Image of Chris Barr

When I was a sophomore I knew someone on the team and his interest in the project inspired me to look into it when I was a senior. I've always had an interest in robotics and this project allows me to pursue that interest. I look forward to building the ROV and testing it out in the water.

My interests outside of school include triathlons, hiking and skiing.

Alex LeBoeuf

Senior - Mechanical Engineering - Chassis

Image of Alex LeBoeuf

I am a senior at UNH; I look forward to recieving my bachelors in mechanical engineering.

Eric Boudreau

Senior - Computer Science - Controls

Image of Eric Boudreau

I have always enjoyed tinkering with computers, both in software and with hardware as well. As a computer science major, I am thrilled to be a part of the UNH Underwater ROV team. I feel that it will be a great experience for me working with people from Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering. I will also get to code for and work with an onboard computer first hand, which will be a great experience. Overall I look forward to working with the team and hopefully doing a good job at the MATE competition.

In my free time I enjoy playing video games, playing the drums, surfing the internet, and helping others with their computer problems.

Sean Leighton

Senior - Computer Science - Controls

Image of Sean Leighton

Ryan Cahill

Senior - Computer Engineering - Controls

Image of Ryan Cahill