Our Mission

Remotely operated vehicles (ROV) are commonly used for military operations, scientific exploration and industrial work. There has always been a high interest in utilizing ROV’s for underwater exploration, where the ROV’s have the capability to dive further than humans. ROV’s have the capability to access and work in areas that are considered dangerous or inaccessible to humans. Also, when compared with other submersible vehicles that require an onboard operator, the risk and dangers that an ROV poses to its’ operator are nearly zero. Continual advancement in ROV’s should be pursued because of these valuable qualities.

The University of New Hampshire Remotely Operate Vehicle (ROV) team is an interdisciplinary group devoted to designing, building, testing, and competing with an underwater ROV.  The team participates in an international and intercollegiate competition. The competition allows the team to showcase the sophistication and knowledge of UNH undergraduates. The competition is held by the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center. This project provides a valuable opportunity for practicing applicable knowledge in engineering, electrical engineering and computer science.

Photograph of the UNH ROV team