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Major Updates

May 14 2014

MATE Qualifying

We are now officialy qualified for the MATE Competition! After many days of waterproof tests and fixes to wiring, we were able to meet the requirements for qualifying. A video of it can be found on the images/video page or here.


Apr 7 2014

Electronics mounted to plate.

We now have the electronics mounted to the plates that will go inside the tubes. There's still more assembly to be done for the cahssis, but we are getting closer to having a completed ROV each day.

The Electronics plates with some electronics mounted.


Mar 21 2014

Working on getting chassis fully assembled.

We've been working hard to fully assemble the ROV chassis and get all the components attached. Right now we can attach all 6 thrusters and we have 1 electronics tube attached. We hope to finish this construction and have a working ROV by the beginning of April.

The frame with 2 of 6 thrusters mounted.


Mar 20 2014

New dual Temperature/Humidity sensors working.

The new combo RHT03 temperature/humidity sensors are now up and running. We managed to get all 3 of them hooked up and running off an Arduino. They are a little different than the analog sensors used last year as you have to wait 2 seconds between readings, but it is nice to have both humidity and temperature on one sensor.

Some other semantics were also changed. Since an attempted read from a sensor can fail, the Arduino will pass along known incorrect values to indicate when a failure occurs. The GUI picks up on this and displays a message saying that a sensor failed to read. Also we now display temperatures on the GUI in fahrenheit rather than celsius.

Setup of 3 humidity/temperature sensors.
Display on GUI showing temperature and humidity values.


Feb 27 2014

Playing with a temperature sensor

One of the guys from controls started playing around with the temperature to ensure it worked as expected; and to better understand the software from last year that reads and displays temperature. The sensor tested appears to work really well. Hopefully soon the humidity and pressure sensors will come along so that they can be tested.

Temperature sensor connected to Arduino.


Feb 25 2014

Testing Multiple Thrusters

Yesterday we ran some tests with multiple thrusters. It went well but some thrusters didn't turn on, so today we plan to iron out any problems.

Also the chassis work is starting to come along. The sideplates are machined and ready to be put together soon.

The thrusters hooked up to the Arduino
Cutting the wires for hooking up the thrusters.
The machined sideplates.


Feb 4 2014

Machining Frame Parts

On Monday some of the team members started machining the ROV frame and endcaps. Also an image of the final chassis design is below.

A couple of pieces of the machined frame.
The final frame design for the ROV


Jan 16 2014

Machining Tubes

Some machining work was done today. The tubes for the ROV were cut so that electronics could be housed.

Machining the tube for housing the electronics


Dec 2 2013

Tested whole control sequence

Tested the entire control sequence on Sunday, from the laptop to the Beagleboard to the Arduino using last year's code. We were able to sucessfully control some of the thrusters from the laptop GUI. The imu for detecting the orientation of the ROV also worked properly when connected. Next we hope to iron out problems that we encountered with running 4 thrusters and modify the code to handle 6.

Testing old controls code in sequence


Nov 15 2013

Tested thrusters through Arduino

Propulsion and Controls tested running a thruster by connecting it to the Arduino and having the Arduino control the speed.

Testing A thruster through Arduino


Nov 5 2013

Beagleboard-xM Up and Running

The Beagleboard-xM has been configured with Ubuntu and is now up and running. Furthermore, we can now configure it by connecting it to a computer through ethernet and connecting through ssh.

Picture of beagleboard while it is running.
Successful ssh into beagleboard.


Oct 25 2013

Thrusters Tested

We managed to test the thrusters from last year, all four of them worked. We also tested 4 H-bridges, and one was fried. But the other 3 work, which is great.


Oct 24 2013

Initial Chassis Design

Here is a look at our initial design for the Chassis. A larger image can be seen here

Picture of inital chassis design.


Oct 23 2013

Arduino and Beagleboard are in

The Arduino Mega 2560 and Beagleboard-xM came in today. Now the controls team can start programming them!


The Arduino and Beagleboard still in their boxes.
The Arduino and Beagleboard removed from their boxes.
Oct 18 2013

Old Thrusters

Managed to salvage all four of the thrusters from last year's rover. Hopefully we can test them next week to ensure that all of them work. If they all work, then it means we would only have to buy 2 more which would be great.


Oct 15 2013

Circuit Boards

Purchased the Arduino Mega 2560 and Beagleboard-xM needed for the controls, courtesy of the CS department. Hopefully they get here soon so that we can start programming it!