Electronics mounted to plate
One of the Electronics plates with some of the ROV components mounted.
Electronics plate has Beagleboard, Arduino, and H-Bridges Mounted.
The electronics plate has the Beagleboard, Arduino, and H-Bridges all mounted.
Assembled frame with 2 thrusters mounted.
The assembled frame with 2 of the 6 thrusters mounted. All 6 plus an electronics tube can be attached currently.
Setup of 3 rht03 sensors.
Two of our Mechanical Engineering students drilling a part for the ROV frame.
Setup of 3 rht03 sensors.
The 3 rht03 temperature/humidity sensors hooked up to the Arduino.
3 rht03 sensors on the breadboard.
Closer view of the 3 sensors on the Breadboard.
Humidity/Temperature readings on the GUI.
Picture of the humidity/temperature display on the GUI.
What is shown when a sensor couldn't be read.
The bottom 2 boxes show what happens when a sensor couldn't be read. The user is given a message and the temperature color turns gray.
Temperature sensor sending data to Arduino
The Arduino recieving temperature data from the sensor.
Playing with a temperature sensor.
Playing with the temperature sensor and the Arduino.
The two machined sideplates.
The Machined Sideplates.
Wiring up the 6 thrusters.
All 6 thrusters wired up.
Cutting wire for connecting thrusters.
Cutting the wiring to be used for the thrusters.
The final chassis design.
The final design for the ROV frame (chassis).
A couple of pieces of the machined frame.
Pieces of the ROV frame machined.
The tubes for the ROV cut to proper length
The tubes for housing the electronics are cut to the proper length.
The tubes for the ROV cut to proper length
The tubes for housing the electronics are cut to the proper length.
Tube being machined to proper length
One of the tubes being machined to proper length for the ROV.
GUI showing imu view with cube
GUI running showing the orientation data given by the IMU in the form of a cube.
Testing controls in sequence
Testing controls code from last year in full sequence
Testing the thrusters while hooked to Arduino.
Testing thrusters with Arduino.
Another image of thruster testing with Arduino.
Another image showing thruster testing with Arduino.
Image of Beagleboard running.
Running the beagleboard hooked up to a monitor.
Beagleboard display on Monitor.
The beagleboard outputting to a monitor screen.
Using ssh to log into Beagleboard
Logging into the beagleboard from the team laptop using ssh
Propulsion team testing old thrusters.
The propulstion team testing old thrusters from last year.
The inital design for the chassis.
A mockup of the initial design for the chassis of the ROV.


Video of our ROV qualifying for the 2014 MATE competition.
Testing last year's thrusters.