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Last updated: 10-Mar-2016
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Instructions for Surplus Form
Request to Sell/Advertise

Date Created: This field will automatically be added when the form is submitted.

Department Information: The department name, contact, phone, fax & email who is responsible for the item.

BSC & BSC Manager/Dept Head: Choose the appropriate BSC & enter the name of the person authorized to approve the request.

Grant/Contract funds: Choose yes or no. If unknown, Property Control must be contacted prior to submitting the form.

Estimated Original Amount: An estimate of how much the item was originally purchased for.

Estimated Current Value: An estimate of how much the item is currently worth.

Estimated age: When was the item purchased or how old is it.

Category: Choose the category that best describes the item.

Condition: Choose the condition of the item to be sold.

Description: Describe the item in as much detail as possible.

Location: The physical location where the item is stored.

MFG/Model #: If the item contains this information, it should be entered.

Serial #: If the item contains this information, it should be entered.

UNH Tag #: A six digit number located on a bar code tag that may be attached to the item.

FATX #: The Fixed Asset Transaction Number (FATX) is the one unique attribute to each piece of equipment in the master equipment file. Many items are untaggable and do not have a unique tag number. The FATX Inventory number can be found on the departmental inventory listing. Because it is a unique attribute, this information is the most effective means for identifying the item in the inventory.

Quantity: Enter the number of items to be advertised.

Asking Price: Price should be at least fair market value in the current market.

Free to UNH/USNH Depts only: Choose the appropriate option. You can choose to sell an item and/or offer it for free to UNH/USNH departments.

Close Date: Surplus will be advertised for 14 days from the date the form is added. This date is automatically provided.

Addition comments: Use this area to add any additional information you feel is necessary to facilitate the selling process.

Note: Clicking "Add" indicates approval by the BSC Manager or Department Head listed on the form and will add the information to the database.

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