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Last updated: 15-Jan-2009
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PCard Application Definitions

Request Type:

Individual Account - A credit card will be issued to the cardholder listed on the application and the cardholder is the only authorized user.

Departmental Account - A credit card will be issued in the name of a department (specify in Card Description on the application). More than one individual is authorized to use a departmental card. Cardholder information must still be completed as the departmental card will still be linked to an individual.

Sponsor Account - A Sponsor is required if the cardholder has a non-status appointment. The sponsor must be a benefits-eligible employee.

Convenience Checkbook Account - Checkbook held by the cardholder listed on the application. Application should include number of books needed.

Card Description:

For Departmental Card Accounts, specify the name of the department. This will be the only name printed on the card. Otherwise, the card description is optional and any description specified will be printed as the 2nd line on the card.

MCC Code:

USNHE - Allows transactions for the following types of purchases: supplies, conference & registration fees, membership dues & fees, vehicle rental (USNH Contracted Vendor only), postage, printing & copying, subscriptions, and rental with no intent of eventual purchase.

USNHTRAVEL - Allows transactions for travel related purchases such as business meals, lodging, vehicle rental, gasoline for fleet & vehicle rental, rail tickets, business transportation & fees (Air Excluded). (Includes USNHE mcc code)

USNHAIR - Allows transactions for the cardholder only, for air and rail purchases, including travel related purchases covered under USNHTRAVEL. (Includes USNHE and USNHTRAVEL mcc codes)

USNHALINE - For Departmental Accounts Only. Allows transactions for airline tickets only.

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