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Last updated: 19-Oct-2017
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OfficeMax Representative (all USNH Campuses):
Wendy Rawitz
Vertical Market Manager
Phone: 774 721-6055

Customer Service: 888 777-4044

OfficeMax On-Line Ordering Information

OfficeMax requires a consignee code by customers when placing orders on-line or by phone. This code is the reference for the shipping address of the customer. USNH uses a 'ship to code' as the consignee. Ship to codes have been established in the Banner Finance system. Banner codes are 5 characters, begining with the first letter for the campus and then 4 numbers (ie. U0201, C0017).

If you order by phone with your Pcard, you will need to specify your ship to code and "C" (ex. U0001C). If referencing a purchase order, specify "0" (ex. U00010).

If you do not have access to the Banner system and need to find your Banner ship to code, please contact your BSC or your PCard Account Manager/Business Manager for assistance. If you have access to Banner, see instructions for finding your ship to code.

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