Faculty Activity Reporting

Project Description

Implement Digital Measures’ ActivityInsights in spring 2012. All faculty will use ActivityInsights to store, update, and report on attributes related to faculty teaching, research, scholarship, and service. A pilot with faculty participants will be conducted in spring 2011.

Project Objectives

  • Implement a UNH Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR) system for the entry, update, and reporting of faculty teaching, research, scholarship, and service.
  • Create data feeds from current UNH and USNH data sources (Banner / SIS, Banner HR, and InfoEd).
  • Develop a plan for the migration of data currently stored in school/college FAR systems (CEPS, CHHS, COLSA, WSBE).
  • Develop a single sign on solution (SSO) for the UNH FAR system.
  • Update institutional source data as appropriate.

FAR Open Forum

FAR Working Group Update

The FAR Working Group is reviewing the criteria used to select faculty information in the BANNER system to be fed into Digital Measures. Representatives from the schools, colleges, and the Library are reviewing lists to insure that all the faculty who should have accounts in Digital Measures in order to enter their annual accomplishments are being selected.

In addition, in response to the feedback from faculty who participated in the FAR Pilot, the Education data that is currently available in the BANNER system is being reviewed. Pilot faculty reported that, in many cases, the source data was not accurate. If discrepancies and errors are found by the representatives reviewing these data, they will be sent to UNH Human Resources to be corrected in BANNER.

In January 2012, UNH IT Academic Technology staff will begin to develop training and documentation to insure that faculty have the support needed to successfully enter their data into Digital Measures. Currently, plans include online and face-to-face training. If you have feedback on approaches to training, for example, inviting AT staff to your department for a training session, please contact Terri.Winters@unh.edu.

FAR Pilot Results (May-June 2011)

Thirty-six UNHD and UNHM faculty were invited to participate in a FAR pilot and 24 faculty entered their teaching, research, scholarship, and service accomplishments in Digital Measures' ActivityInsights. We gathered feedback from the pilot faculty through meetings, one-on-one conversations, and electronic surveys. Based on faculty feedback, we made changes to streamline data entry, deleted one screen, and combined 5 screens into 3 screens. We believe these changes will make entering data easier and take less time.

List of FAR Pilot Participants

Questions? Contact far.support@unh.edu or your FAR Working Group representative.

Faculty Activity Reporting Working Group (FARWG)

Provost John Aber charged the FARWG to identify the required data elements, reports, access, and processes that will enable implementation of one instance of a FAR System for UNH. The FARWG is composed of faculty and staff from CEPS, COLSA, COLA, CHHS, UNHM, WSBE, the Library, the Graduate School, Institutional Research, the Office of Sponsored Research, and UNH IT. Dan Innis, Dean of WSBE, chairs the FARWG. Terri Winters, Director of IT Academic Technology, is the FAR project manager.

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