Faculty Professorships and Chairs

University Professorships

University Professorships are supported through the generosity of the UNH Foundation and awarded to full professors who have demonstrated the highest levels of excellence in teaching, scholarship (including the creative arts), and service over an extended period of tenure at the University of New Hampshire. Recipients are expected to have attained international stature in their discipline because of their significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge or aesthetic understanding. They will have received other widely recognized honors such as international prizes, fellowships, or appointments. University Professorships are the highest form of academic recognition at the University and are available to no more than four individuals at any one time. University Professorships are granted until the individual is no longer employed by the University. The value of University Professorships is $20,000 per annum. 

Presidential Chairs

Presidential Chairs are a new form of recognition initiated by President Mark W. Huddleston in consultation with Provost John D. Aber and the Deans Council. Funds to support up to four chairs are made available through the President’s Fund for Excellence. Presidential Chairs are awarded for a period of 10 years with the option of renewal. Recipients of Presidential Chairs will be full professors who have demonstrated excellence in teaching, scholarship (including the creative arts), and service. They will be highly regarded for having made substantial contributions to the knowledge or aesthetic understanding of their respective disciplines. Recipients may have held tenure at the University or be newly appointed. The value of Presidential Chairs is $15,000 per annum.


With the help of the University of New Hampshire Foundation, UNH initiated the Professorships program in 1990 to help support faculty members in their teaching, public service, and research. The purpose of the program is to help the University be more competitive in hiring new faculty members, reward outstanding academic accomplishments, and enhance the faculty's opportunities for superior scholarship, innovative teaching, and meaningful service. Professorships are typically funded from the interest on invested funds that have been given or bequeathed to the University. Most are awarded for a term of one to three years and carry a special supplemental allowance, usually ranging between $5,000 and $10,000 a year that may be spent by the faculty member in support of his or her academic activities.

Professorships are awarded by the provost based on nominations by deans.

University Wide Professorships

Carpenter Professorship - Created from the John T. and Doris H. Carpenter Trust, the Carpenter Professorship is awarded to "a worthy faculty recipient." The term is for three years.
Class of 1938 Professorship - Funded by the Class of 1938, this award recognizes excellence in teaching. The term is for three years.
Class of 1940 Professorship - Established in honor of the fiftieth reunion of the Class of 1940, this award recognizes and rewards a UNH faculty member for outstanding interdisciplinary teaching and research. The term is for three years.
Class of 1941 Professorship - Established with a gift from the Class of 1941, this award recognizes outstanding teaching, research, or public service, especially from an international perspective. The term is for two years.
Class of 1944 Professorship - This award from the Class of 1944 recognizes an outstanding faculty member. The term is for three years.
Roland H. O'Neal Professorship - Established by Virginia O'Neal in memory of her husband, Roland O'Neal, member of the UNH Class of 1934, this award recognizes an outstanding, untenured member of the teaching faculty. The term is for three years.
Hortense Cavis Shepherd Professorship - Established by a bequest from Hortense Shepherd, Class of 1921, and Sarah Shepherd, this award recognizes outstanding, untenured members of the teaching faculty who have served the University at least two years. The term is for three years.
Arthur K. Whitcomb Professorship - Established in recognition of Arthur K. Whitcomb, Class of 1930, this award allows the University to compete for, and retain, the best academic talent for its faculty. This award recognizes teaching excellence. The term is for three years.

Professorship Recipients

Carpenter Professorship

FY09 - 11 Thomas Laue, Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical

FY06 - 08 Dennis Chasteen, Chemistry

FY08 - 10 Ellen Fitzpatrick, History

FY05 - O7 Ellen Fitzpatrick, History

FY04 - 06 Karen VonDamm, Earth Sciences

FY04 - 06 J. William Harris, History

FY03 - 05 Nodie Oja, Education

FY00 - 02 Thaddeus Piotrowski, Sociology, Manchester

FY96 - 98 Charles Simic, English

Class of 1938 Professorship

FY12 - 14 Karen Conway, Economics

FY07 - 09 Kimberly Babbitt, Natural Resources

FY02 - 04 Carole Barnett, Management

FY99 - 01 Joshua Meyrowitz, Communication

FY96 - 98 Melody Graulich, English, Manchester 

Class of 1940 Professorship

FY13 - 15 Karen Van Gundy, Sociology

FY09 - 11 Eberhard Moebius, Physics

FY06 - 08 Corinna J.Tucker, Family Studies

FY02 - 04 Eliga Gould, History

FY99 - 01 Michael Contarino, Political Science, Manchester

Class of 1941 Professorship

FY12 - 14 Michael Palace, Complex Systems Research Center

FY 07 - 08 Lawrence C. Reardon, Political Science

FY 06 - 07 Peter Lane, Management

FY03  - 04 Cathy Frierson, History

FY01 -  02 Nina Glick Schiller, Anthropology

FY99 -  00 Rebecca New, Education

FY97 - 98 Rita Weathersby, Management  

Class of 1944 Professorship

FY 09 - 11 Glen Miller, Chemistry

FY 06 - 08 Serita Frey, Natural Resources

FY02 - 04 Sheila McNamee, Communication

FY99 - 01 Barbara Houston, Education

FY96 - 98 Jennifer Bernhard, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hortense Shepherd Professorship

FY12 - 14 Andrew Leber, Psychology

FY02 - 04 Thomas Kocher, Zoology

FY00 - 02 John Archer, English

FY00 - 02 Nicoletta Gullace, History

FY99 - 01 Eleanor Abrams, Education

FY95 - 97 Gay Nardone, Theatre and Dance

FY96 - 98 Jeffrey Bolster, History  

Roland H. O’Neal Professorship

FY13 - 15 Joel Hartter, Geography

FY09 - 12 Michael Goldberg, Economics  

FY 07 - 09 Udo Schlentrich, Hospitality Management

FY06 - 08 Alex Parson, English

FY06 - 08 Nicholas Smith, Philosophy

FY04, 05 & 06 Stacy VanDeveer, Political Science

FY03,04 & 05 Siobhan Senier, English

FY00, 01 & 02 Robert Macieski, History, Manchester

FY97, 98,99 Jane Bellamy, English

Arthur K. Whitcomb Professorship

FY13 - 15  Mihaela Sabin, Computer Information Systems, Manchester

FY10 - 12 Nicholas Smith, Philosophy

FY07 - 09 Thomas Lee, Natural Resources

FY03 - 05 Liming Ge, Mathematics

FY03 - 05 Lucy Salyer, History

FY00 - 02 Stacia Sower, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

FY97 - 99 Eberhard Moebuis, Physics