The links on the left will help you explore a wide array of information and potential opportunities. The more you learn, the more you will know whether health care is the right fit for you. There is no “best” experience for your application. Remember, this is not a checklist – this is your opportunity to get involved.  Participate in experiences that are going to help you learn more about yourself, others, heath and healthcare.  Participate for what you can learn and offer to others. You never know where it may lead.

Experiential Opportunities includes information on local hospitals and service organizations, national and international programs, summer programs, training courses, research opportunities and post-baccalaureate options.

Health Professions Information Links provide links to explore medicine, dentistry, PA, optometry, direct entry nursing, and many other areas. From links to the application services to organizations that focus on non-traditional applicants- start here.

E-News/Blogs/Databases can help you stay connected with current health news updates through Medical News Today, listen to what med school students are talking about on RADIO ROUNDS, and at Lifeworks investigate what you can do with all those sciences if you decide that health care isn’t the right fit for you.

The Reading List provides ideas for thought provoking reading through currents news, journals, and favorite books.