Prospective Students

We hope the  information and suggestions we have provided for high school students and their parents will help in the college search.

  • Exploring the Health Professions

  • There is no "Pre-Med" major at UNH. You may major in anything as long as you complete the required prerequisite courses. Choosing a major at UNH

  • Our office connect students with offices around campus to help with extracurricular involvement, volunteer service, research, and leadership

  • We work closely with The UNH Career Center for tips and information on job shadowing, mentoring programs, internships, and paid employment opportunities in the Healthcare field and beyond

  • UNH offers a 2-credit, Health Professions Seminar open to sophomores and juniors which includes guest speakers from across the Healthcare disciplines as well as advanced advising on application preparation and process

  • UNH offers Medical and Dental applicants a committee letter of evaluation, regardless of gpa or entrance exam score

  • UNH acceptance rate for Medical applicants is slightly higher than the national average. For students with at least a 3.50 gpa and at least a 28 on the MCAT, UNH students have a 85-95% acceptance rate (depending on the year)

  • You will be able to meet with a Pre-Professional Health Programs Advisor during accepted students' open houses in the Spring

  • Once you get to UNH, at June Orientation speak with an advisor about your interest in a pre-professional health program. Then, in the Fall, attend a new-student meeting in September and register for the email list

Additional Resources for Prospective Students