Your Major Advisor

  • Every undergraduate has an academic (major) advisor with whom they meet at least once each semester to review academic progress and approve course selections prior to registration for the upcoming semester
  • The major advisor role is to assist in program planning, preregistration, understanding and meeting major and University requirements, and general academic and career decision making
  • The advisors draw on their own experience, expertise, and interests in helping students with course, program, and career opportunities related to their major

The Pre-Professional Health Programs Advisor

  • The HP advisor can assist in identifying professional school prerequisites and choosing appropriate UNH courses
  • This office can also provide information about volunteer and community service opportunities and national health profession organizations
  • As students prepare for the application cycle, the HP advisor works closely with students from development of their portfolio for the Committee interviews to the application process for specific professional programs in which the applicant is interested

Your Responsibilities

  • Review this website for information about your areas of interest and to find the answers to many of your questions
  • Seek out your major advisor and professors
  • Come to advising meetings having reviewed your academic progress to date and at registration time, your course options
  • Monitor your fulfillment of University , major program, and health profession’s requirements
  • Review the HP 4 Year Timeline and Self Assessment Checklist each semester
  • Explore and engage intellectually across academic areas, including outside your declared major
  • Use campus resources and follow-up on referrals
  • Meet deadlines