UNH Parents Association announces $22,147 in Grant Awards for 2012 Student Projects

Of the 15 student proposals submitted this fall, the Parents Council committee selected 9 for full or partial funding, totaling $22,147.00 in awards for this year.

$2,000.00 Awarded to the UNH ROV group – a College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS) Senior Design project.  Their proposal requested funds to help design, build and compete a fully functional Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and to compete in the National MATE ROV Competition in June 2012.  This group also is involved in outreach to area K-12 students, encouraging them to pursue a degree at UNH in CEPS.  The award supplements significant fundraising which the UNH ROV group has raised to compete in this challenge. 

$4,000.00 Awarded to the UNH Cycling Team to assist in hosting the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference Championships Criterium on campus in April 2012. The team hosts the yearly ECCCC Mountain Bike Race and this will be the first time they host a Criterium in Durham.  The team has also partnered with the Rotary Club of Durham to put on this race, gained sponsorships, and worked to raise funds on their own. 

$3,000.00 Awarded to the UNH Horticulture Club for help in completing the Thompson School Patio Project which will create a functional outdoor patio space on the Thompson School grounds. Current Thompson School students will be involved in the construction under the supervision of professional outdoor space contractors who are Thompson School Alumni.  The patio design includes a unique water feature and an outdoor grill; a stonewall and outdoor lighting will be installed.  This support for the project supplements funds raised by the Horticulture Club and vendor discounts on construction materials.   Click here for more information about this project.  www.colsa.unh.edu/article/fall-2011/form-meets-function 

$4,000.00 Awarded to Campus Recreation for the purchase of materials to construct an outdoor ice rink to be located on the central portion of campus.  The rink will expand skating opportunities for the entire campus community as it will be available 24 hours a day.  This proposal was written by 2 Civil Engineering students, who have been involved in the planning and who will also be involved in the construction of the rink.

$2,000 Awarded to the student-led Campus Activities Board to enhance the traditional UNH Winter Carnival event.  The group plans to implement a formal dance to the activities of the 2012 Winter Carnival.  The award is seed money for this February 2012 event.  If the dance event is successful this year, the Campus Activities Board will add this event to the traditional list of Winter Carnival activities for the future.

$3,371.00 Awarded to the UNH Men’s and Women’s Rowing Teams for the purchase of 2 Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) to enhance the safety of practices for the teams.  During non-peak rowing seasons the Athletic Trainers at Campus Recreation will have access to these AED’s for use with the Campus Recreation sport clubs.

$1,927.00 Awarded to the UNH Taekwondo Club for the purchase of World Taekwondo Federation approved mats.  The purchase of these mats will enable the club to host tournaments at UNH which will provide additional income for the club. The new mats will also enhance their weekly club practices. 

$625.00 Awarded to the UNH Synchronized Skating Team to assist them in funding their “National Send Off Show” at the Whittemore Center Arena.  The entire student body is invited to attend this on campus show.  This funding supplements the group’s own significant fundraising efforts for their yearly expenses.

$1,224.00 Awarded to the UNH Dance Team for the purchase of new tops for their performances.  The UNH Dance Team performs at football, basketball and lacrosse games on campus as well as being involved in the Homecoming Parade, Relay for Life, and their competitions.  This support supplements funds the Dance Team raises yearly.