The Scholarship Scoop

The SCOOP on the Parents Association 2015 Scholarship Program

Each year the UNH Parents Association awards scholarships to deserving students in financial need through the UNH Parents Association Endowed Scholarship Program. Our Endowed Scholarship program was created to assist those students whose family income is too high to qualify for Federal financial aid programs but not high enough to cover the cost of a university education without assistance. For specific details about the criteria for this scholarship review the additional information Scholarship History; Scholarship Criteria, Guidelines & Application.  The application deadline is Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

If this scholarship isn’t a good fit for your circumstances check out the following resources: 

• UNH Financial Aid Office can assist students with information about financing options, financial aid resources, outside scholarships and more.  Click here.  

• The UNH Center for Academic Resources (CFAR) has the most comprehensive and current scholarship resource books on campus. Encourage your student to drop by Smith Hall and peruse their information.

 Fastweb provides information on 1.3 million scholarships worth more than $3 billion.

 • Many UNH-affiliated scholarships exist. Go to the UNH Web site and search "scholarships."

• Finally, encourage your student to contact his or her academic department to find out if specific scholarships are available through the department.