Finance & Administration Committee

The Finance and Philanthropy Committee usually consists of the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, the Scholarship Subcommittee Chair and other interested Council members. 

The duties of the Committee include:

  • Work in collaboration with the UNH Foundation, advise and assist the Council in matters relating to fundraising activities.  The committee will learn about the need for fundraising and what types of fundraising are being done here.  Our goal is for the entire Council to be able to discuss the reasons for parent fundraising so they can answer fundraising questions from other UNH parents. 
  • Review status of endowment funds and payouts.

 Grant Subcommittee  

The Grant Subcommittee is comprised of the President, who serves as the chairperson of the Committee, the President-Elect, Treasurer and eight (8) other members of the Parents Council selected at the spring meeting.  Members of the Grant Subcommittee must have served a minimum of one year on the Parents Council as active and participatory members.   Terms are limited to two years unless there are extenuating circumstances.  The Grant Subcommittee shall be responsible for making funding recommendations through the Parents Association Grant process.   The Grant Subcommittee submits its recommendations for Grant Awards to the Parents Council at the December meeting for final approval.