UNH Parents Council Committees

Parents Council Committees:

The Parents Council has 4 Standing Committees, some of which have subcommittees.  Each member of the Council is expected to serve on a Standing Committee, but may also join a Subcommittee.  Standing Committee meetings take place during each of the 4 yearly Parents Council meetings.  Most of the work for each of these committees is done during these meetings.  Participation in the Grant or Scholarship Subcommittees does require reading applications and attending separate meetings.

Finance & Philanthropy Committee 

  • The Finance and Philanthropy Committee usually consists of the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, the Scholarship Subcommittee Chair and other interested Council members. 

    The duties of the Committee include:

    • Work in collaboration with the UNH Foundation, advise and assist the Council in matters relating to UNH fundraising activities.  The committee will learn about the need for fundraising and what types of fundraising are being done here.  Our goal is for the entire Council to be able to discuss the reasons for parent fundraising so they can answer fundraising questions from other UNH parents. 
    • Review status of endowment funds and payouts.

 Grant Subcommittee

  • The Grant Subcommittee is comprised of the President, the President-Elect, and the Treasurer as well as eight other members of the Parents Council who have served a minimum of one year on the Parents Council as active and participatory members.

The duties of the Committee include:

  • The Grant Subcommittee is responsible reading all submitted grant applications.  At the selection meeting, they are responsilble for making funding recommendations in accordance with the established guidelines and criteria of the program.  The Grant Subcommittee submits its recommendations for grant awards to the Parents Council for final approval.

Communications Committee

  • The Communications Committee works with the Director to keep all the Parents Association publications and website informational and up-to-date. Parents on this committee provide suggestions for stories and other information that is pertinent to parents and their students from campus events, academic support services, scholarship and research opportunities, to health and safety issues, etc.

The duties of the Committee include:

  • Parents on this committee provide input to the director to help keep parents connected to UNH.  This committee is involved with brainstorming topics of information that other parents would want to know about.  Each month an email newsletter, UNH Update, is sent out to UNH Parents by the Director letting parents know about deadlines, opportunities and services available to them and their students.

Membership Subcommittee

The Membership Subcommittee supports the membership levels of the Parents Council and helps to recruit new members to the Parents Council. The Membership Committee contacts potential new members and outlines the requirements of membership on the Council to assure that the Council has an active and participating membership.

Scholarship Subcommittee

The Scholarship Subcommittee consists of a minimum of 7 people selected at the spring meeting for the following year.

The duties of the Committee include:

The Committee is responsible for two (2) tuition scholarship programs. These programs are:

  1. The UNH Parents Association Endowment Scholarship Program, which are need-based scholarships.  Scholarship applications are considered by the Scholarship Committee at a spring meeting. Funding for these tuition scholarships comes from the earnings of the UNH Parents Association Scholarship Endowment fund which are paid out yearly.
  2. UNH Parents Association Student Awards, which are merit-based scholarships.  The UNH Parents Association Student Awards program awards a total of $3,000 to nominated students which are selected by the committee each year. Students are nominated by the University community for these awards. Funding for these awards comes from current yearly funding to the Parents Association.


Programming Committee

The Programming Committee assists the Director with developing events for UNH Parents which help to welcome and connect parents of current and potential UNH students to come to campus and join in various academic, cultural and social opportunities available at UNH.

  • The duties of the Committee include:

    • The Programming Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of family oriented campus events, specifically Family Weekend, and segments of UNH College Open Houses and June Orientations.


University Relations Committee

The University Relations Committee coordinates Council member liaisons with departments within the Student and Academic Services division of the University who desire better communications, interactions, feedback and input from parents and from the Parents Council.  The liaisons also discuss new and changing department initiatives and shares this information with the Council.

  • The duties of the Committee include: 
    • Members report back to the Council prior to each meeting with a report based on a recent conversation or meeting with the dept. to keep the entire Council up to date on new and ongoing programs within the dept.

    • Some of these updates may be used in the UNH Update email to parents.

    Parents Association Representative to the Alumni Board

    The duties of the Parents Association representative includes:

    • The Parents Association representative attends the Alumni Board meetings and serves as a liaison from the Parents Council to the Alumni Board and from the Alumni Board back to the Council.
    • The representative may serve a one year term, UNH alumni preference.