2014 Grant Awards

January 2014

UNH Parents Association Announces Grant Program Awards of $26,999.00 for UNH Student Projects

The UNH Parents Association has a long history of awarding grants for innovative student projects.  For more than 17 years, a Parents Association endowment has funded this Grant Program for projects which benefit students at UNH. The creation of this endowment was made possible by contributions from UNH Parents. 

Because of UNH parents’ generosity, the UNH student community has had the opportunity to submit proposals for projects which require matching or seed money to come to fruition. Members of the UNH Parents Council, made up of current UNH parents, evaluate the submissions within the program criteria and recommend funding. Of the 13 student proposals submitted this fall, the committee selected 10 for full or partial funding, totaling $26,999.00.

Congratulations to the following groups which were awarded funding for their projects:

ET SwarmCats

UNH Freestyle Figure Skating Club

Students Without Borders

Robert J. Connors Writing Center

Alpha Phi Omega

UNH Shooting Club

WUNH Radio Station

Thompson School PAWS Program: Pet Access to Wellness Services

World Energy Project

UNH Remotely Operated Vehicle: ROV

Below is information on the individual student projects:

$2,000.00 awarded to the Extra-Terrestrial Navigation with Particle Swarm Optimization group; a.k.a. ET SwarmCats, for the design and construction of laboratory robots.  The ET SwarmCats will be designing robots to harness particle swarm optimization, based on animal habits of utilizing the advantages of traveling in swarms.  The goal of the robot design is to devise small robots that can work in unison to achieve a common goal, yet think as an individual and act on its own when necessary for searching operations on extraterrestrial planets and asteroids. The robot technology development will be utilized by students in UNH labs across a multitude of disciplines. The funds will cover the purchase of materials, electronic components and machining materials for the robots.  The group is continuing to raise funds for the completion of this project. 

$1,382.00 awarded to the UNH Freestyle Figure Skating Club to assist with the production of their first Ice Skating Show on campus in March of 2014.  This show will showcase the growing Freestyle Figure Skating Club to the campus community; students and general public alike.  This is the second year on campus for this new organization which encourages beginning skaters as well as experienced skaters to join and take advantage of coaching. This award supplements club dues and funds the group has raised on their own through campus fundraisers.

$2,310.00 awarded to the Students Without Borders for their service project in Peru.  The goal of the project is to provide photography and video support for their service project which includes water pipeline repair, water decontamination & nutrition programs they are implementing in San Pedro de Casta, Peru.  This project provides opportunities for students in any discipline to take part in, including engineering, nutrition, nursing and public relations.  This award supplements extensive fundraising already accomplished by the group in advance of their service trip.  Presentations will be made to various groups upon completion of these projects.

$1,920.00 awarded to the Robert J. Connors Writing Center which will assist the undergraduate staff members to attend the upcoming North East Writing Centers Association annual conference.   The funding will cover the conference registration fees for the undergraduate writing mentors who are one-on-one peer writing mentors for UNH undergrads at the writing center.  Attendance at this conference will enhance the work that these peer writing mentors provide to more than 2500 UNH students each year.

$1,200.00 awarded to Alpha Phi Omega to enable them to host a leadership conference at UNH.  Up to 10 universities in the northeast will attend this spring conference focused on leadership within this community service organization.  The UNH chapter of APO has 130 members who will participate in hosting the leadership conference aimed at sharing new ideas and skills.  This award supplements APO’s own fundraising for this project. 

$2,187.00 awarded to the UNH Shooting Club for purchasing competition pistols.  The purchase of the competition pistols will enable the group to expand into another category of shooting sports competition.  This expanding campus organization practices twice a week at a local shooting range and represents UNH at various competitions around New England.  This funding supplements the group’s own fundraising efforts. 

$4,000.00 awarded to WUNH Radio Station to soundproof the new WUNH performance studio.  This award will complete the 2013 renovations to the radio station.  The soundproofing will increase the quality of live on-air performances and recordings made in the studio.  This professional recording studio is available for use by student musicians.  This award supplements yearly fundraising done by WUNH.

$4,000.00 awarded to the new Thompson School Vet Tech PAWS program.  This new initiative for the Vet Tech program: Pet Access to Wellness Services (PAWS) will enable the group to pilot a community outreach program providing needed care to animals belonging to residents of low income housing communities in Dover and Somersworth. In addition, the Vet Tech students will get hands on experience in their chosen field. The funds will be used to purchase medical equipment for the project.  The group has already received an additional grant for supplies from the Banfield Charitable Trust.

$4,000.00 awarded to the UNH chapter of the World Energy Project.  The UNH World Energy Project is planning to design and install a self-sustaining photovoltaic energy system at the primary school based in Toh-Kpalime, Ghana.  The multi-disciplinary group will be presenting their completed project plans at the 2014 Undergraduate Research Conference.  The group will continue to fundraise for this project through the rest of the year. 

$4,000.00 awarded to the UNH Remotely Operated Vehicle group to design and build an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV).  This interdisciplinary group will be designing an ROV capable of maneuvering through a mock shipwreck, manipulating objects underwater and collecting samples and recording data. The group will present their ROV at the international Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Competition in June 2014.     They also plan to present their project at the 2014 Undergraduate Research Conference as well as holding an “ROV Day” on campus for local high school students interested in engineering.  The group is focusing on additional fundraising from corporate sponsors.